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Justice League Europe Vol 1 4


Justice League Europe Vol 1 4

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"Bialya Burning!": In Bialya, Jack O'Lantern reports to his true master - the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee and he discuss genetic modifications that are being performed to boost Owlwoman's powers.

Quote1 ...I think we've got what it takes to knock this Queen Bee and her drones right out of the hive! Quote2
-- Metamorpho

Appearing in "Bialya Burning!"

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Synopsis for "Bialya Burning!"

In Bialya, Jack O'Lantern reports to his true master - the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee and he discuss genetic modifications that are being performed to boost Owlwoman's powers.

Members of Justice League Europe arrive in Bialya on the trail of Jack O'Lantern. They take up residence at a posh resort under assumed identities. The only member who is unable to effectively blend in is Metamorpho, who must move in secrecy in a gaseous state.

Back in Paris, Captain Atom has a video conference with the Martian Manhunter. The Manhunter is furious that Adam would authorize a deep cover mission to Bialya during such delicate political times. Captain Atom is flustered at the notion that he he has to run all of his mission parameters past the Manhunter first.

At the Queen Bee's laboratory, the dictator of Bialya brings Jack O'Lantern into the room where Owlwoman is undergoing her upgrades. The being responsible for this work is a Dominator scientist. None of them are aware that Metamorpho has secretly scouted out the facility and now returns to the hotel room to tell the rest of the JLE about the Dominators.

Animal Man, Elongated Man, Flash and Power Girl get into costume and head towards the Queen Bee's lair. In the interests of stealth, they hope to access her labs by way of the sewer system. A security camera picks up their presence and before long Jack O'Lantern arrives to stop them. Despite the power of his mystic lantern, the JLE are ready for Jack this time. Using teamwork, they disarm him and quickly bring him down.

The JLE finally make their way to the Queen Bee's lab facility. Rather than fight however, they accept a truce with the Queen Bee under very specific conditions: To prevent a possible international incident, the JLE agree to keep silent about the true nature of Bialya's power structure, and in return, the Queen Bee will cease her attacks against the Justice League. One stipulation of the truce is that the Queen Bee must sever her ties with the Dominion. As such, she has no reservations about shooting the Dominator scientist dead in the chest.

Back in Paris, Sapphire Stagg, the estranged wife of Metamorpho arrives in town to reunite with her husband.


  • First full appearance of the Queen Bee in this series. She is revealed as the mastermind of all the events to plague the JLE since issue #1. Her last actual appearance was in Captain Atom Annual #2.
  • Reference is made to the Queen Bee's recent attack on Blue Beetle. The Queen Bee planted a post-hypnotic suggestion in Beetle's brain, that when triggered, prompted him to try and assassinate Maxwell Lord. These events took place in Justice League America #26-#27.


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