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Justice League Europe Vol 1 5


Justice League Europe Vol 1 5

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"Stagg Party!": Captain Atom has been called to New York by Max Lord because of his decision to go into Bialya to confront the Queen Bee. Meanwhile, Sapphire Stagg

Quote1 I really oughta thank you, ya big dope -- the shock of seein' you brought all my memories right back! An' one thing I remember real well is how much I loathe you! Quote2
-- Metamorpho

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Synopsis for "Stagg Party!"

Captain Atom has been called to New York by Max Lord because of his decision to go into Bialya to confront the Queen Bee. Meanwhile, Sapphire Stagg has arrived at the Paris embassy. Catherine Cobert takes her to Metamorpho, but Rex has no memory of his marriage to the young woman (who has since married Java, believing Rex to be dead).

Captain Atom meets with Max, Martian Manhunter, and Oberon, and becomes extremely defensive. He believes that he has been summoned for a severe reprimand.

Elongated Man and Sue Dibny arrive back at the Paris Embassy, shortly followed by Java, who breaks the doors open. Rex and Sapphire find their private discussion (in which Sapphire reveals that she had a child by Rex) halted by a battle between Java and Ralph and Animal Man. Sapphire tells Java that she only married him because she thought Rex was deceased. Since he is alive, he is still her husband.

Captain Atom's mood has improved as he flies back to Europe with a vote of confidence from Max and J'onn. Simon Stagg arrives immediately after him, and, along with Buddy and Ralph, they enter the embassy to find Java and Metamorpho locked in combat. Captain Atom halts the fighting and calls the feuding husbands to his office, while Sue and Catherine secretly admire his decisive demeanor.

Afterward, Captain Atom talks to Rex, who has agreed to honor Sapphire's decision to return home with her father -- and Java, her husband.


Pablo Marcos is incorrectly credited on the cover.


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