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Justice League International Annual Vol 1 2


Justice League International Annual Vol 1 2

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"Hit or Miss!": The Joker steals a tank and tries to kill the Justice League International.

Quote1 Y'know, ladies and germs -- I've got my foot on the on the destruct switch even as we speak -- and it would be just like me to activate it. But, considering the day I'm having... I just know that it wouldn't work. And I'd be sitting here with egg on my face. Again. Well I'm crazy, ladies and germs, but not that crazy. I WANNA GO BACK TO ARKHAM!!! Quote2
-- Joker

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    • Innovative Concepts Building



Synopsis for "Hit or Miss!"

The Joker steals a tank and tries to kill the Justice League International.


  • This story is difficult to fit into continuity. The presence of Green Flame & Ice Maiden implies that it must occur after JLI #15 (their first mission immediately after gaining probationary status), but the appearances by Mister Miracle (kidnapped by the cluster from JLI #15-21) & Rumaan Harjavti (killed in JLI #16) make that impossible. The only solution seems to be that the story actually occurred somewhere between JLI #12 and #14, and that Green Flame and Ice Maiden had already been introduced to the other Leaguers.
  • This comic is actually titled "Justice League Annual 2" in the indicia.
  • After his deal with the Joker doesn't work out, Colonel Harjarvti speculates on starting negotiations with the Queen Bee.


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