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""Shop...or Die"": Lord Manga Khan harvests the last of the resources from an unnamed planet.

Quote1 And trouble is my middle name! Well, actually my middle name is Esplanade, but I've always been embarrassed by that. Quote2
-- G'Nort

Appearing in "Shop...or Die"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Captain Krikk
  • Commander Sooroo




Synopsis for "Shop...or Die"

Lord Manga Khan harvests the last of the resources from an unnamed planet.

His lackey, L-Ron tells him that he has discovered a new planet with even more resources, Earth. Manga sends drone ships to the planet.

Elsewhere, a pod falls on the above mentioned unnamed planet. G'Nort steps out of the pod. G'Nort flies back to Earth.

Mister Miracle, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are watching a football game when the program is suddenly pre-empted by an alien broadcast about interstellar barter.

On the moon, G'Nort sees the alien ship preparing for invasion. He attacks.


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