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Justice League International Vol 3 2


Justice League International Vol 3 2

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"The Signal Masters, Part 2": Briggs and Esposito show up to the Hall of Justice as it burns from the bomb explosion from last issue. Briggs believes this will give them a good example as to why the JLI is actually needed. Esposito informs him

Quote1 Learn from this, Booster... Follow your gut and make the team yours. And then make sure this never happens again. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "The Signal Masters, Part 2"

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  • 19 Tavern



Synopsis for "The Signal Masters, Part 2"

Briggs and Esposito show up to the Hall of Justice as it burns from the bomb explosion from last issue. Briggs believes this will give them a good example as to why the JLI is actually needed. Esposito informs him that, as they speak, the situation in Peru has made a turn for the worse.

The members of the JLI battle the gigantic robot that has appeared but seem to be quite insignificant in their efforts to destroy or even slow it. Amidst all the action, the robot lets out an attack that sends all of the members reeling, except Godiva and Booster, who share the inside of Booster's force field. Godiva begins flirting with Booster but they are quickly brought back to the seriousness of their situation as they witness Ice receive a violent ray attack from the robot. Assessing the situation, Booster instructs everyone to retreat, an action which splits the opinions of the JLI.

Back in a bar in Baltimore, Guy Gardner sees the action on the television and witnesses Ice being injured. He flies off to check on her and comments on Booster's incompetence,

After the JLI members land back in D.C., they are confronted by Briggs who is worried about the public relations nightmare the retreat will cause. He is also appaled that Batman joined in the fight as this was supposed to be a JLI mission and that the U.N. will not sanction his presence. Booster in the meantime is receiving both praise and ridicule from various members of the League. He volunteers to leave the group but after strong backing by August General, Godiva and Batman, he decides to remain leader and informs the group that they need to discover as much as they can about this robot. Booster's infotech buddy, Skeets, informs him that there are now four of these robots around the world that will need their attention. They realize that the robots must have a mission with a much bigger agenda and Batman reminds them that if they don't pull together fast as a team that it's going to simply be too late to do any good.

In outer space, a space cruiser holds an apparent sleeping chamber that opens as information is piped through the craft that planet 3-147 is active. The body of a large vicious looking alien steps out and states that it won't be for long as it is going to die today.


  • This book was first published on October 5, 2011.
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  • The 19 Tavern is named in honor of John Unitas, the longtime starting quarterback for the Baltimore Colts.

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