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Justice League Quarterly Vol 1 3


Justice League Quarterly Vol 1 3

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"When You Wish...": During a Justice League conference, Mitch Wacky learns of Kilowog's inventions. Mitch decides to travel back to 1980, Angor and stop the explosion that doomed his world. The trip is successful, however, he and Kilowog

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Synopsis for "When You Wish..."

During a Justice League conference, Mitch Wacky learns of Kilowog's inventions. Mitch decides to travel back to 1980, Angor and stop the explosion that doomed his world. The trip is successful, however, he and Kilowog arrive at a fraction of their size. Undeterred, the pair heads out to get aid from the Assemblers. Silver Sorceress arrives just in time to witness Mitch and Kilowog's disappearance and gathers a group of Leaguers to follow them.

Meanwhile, Mitch creates a lifesize robot of himself and he heads to meet the Assemblers. They prove to be no help as they destroy the robot believing it a ploy by their enemies. Mitch must head to the bomb site to stop the explosion. They arrive in time to witness the Extremists enter the chamber. Mitch tries to stop a technician from pressing the bomb's activating button but falls on it himself. Distressed, he learns he himself caused the explosion that created the Extremists, thus dooming Angor. The League members finally catch up to Kilowog and Mitch and head back to Earth.

After a short stop in 1980, Earth and an early JLA meeting, the group arrives back in the present smaller than ever. Guy is promptly eaten by Liberty, General Glory's dog, and the rest of the heroes climb aboard the dog until Captain Atom can attract Catherine Cobert's attention. Finally restored to full height the group deals with the outcome. Mitch is depressed but is cheered by becoming the League's handyman, Kilowog is put on double-shifts, Sorceress and Blue Jay agree to embrace Earth, and L-Ron and Oberon await Guy's emergence from Liberty's backside.


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