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Quote1 But when you're making a Batman, genetics is only part of the story. The rest is tragedy. Quote2
--Amanda Waller

Appearing in "Epilogue"

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Synopsis for "Epilogue"

65 years in the future from the present time, Terry McGinnis breaks into the home of former Project Cadmus director Amanda Waller to get some answers Bruce Wayne wasn't willing to give him -- answers about his actual genetic heritage, his being a close enough DNA match for Bruce Wayne. Waller first entertains McGinnis with a story about Bruce Wayne as Batman confronting Ace of the Royal Flush Gang, whose mental abilities were increasing and would suffer a brain aneurysm that would have a deadly psychic backlash, how he chose not to use Waller's device to kill Ace but rather chose to sit with her to give her comfort until her death. Then Waller finally tells McGinnis that she is the one responsible for making him a genetic match for Bruce Wayne, all for the purpose of making sure there would be a Batman that would carry on the fight for justice. However, despite her hand in creating McGinnis to be what he is, she tells him that he still has a free will to do whatever he chooses to do with his life. McGinnis chooses to propose to his long-time girlfriend Dana Tan and to carry on in the mantle of the Batman, stating to the elderly Bruce, "I've got it covered, always."


  • The very last scene in which Terry's shadow is flying past buildings and a Police patrol vehicle is an homage to "On Leather Wings", The first episode for the programme, In which The Man-Bat flies past a Police zeppelin, both police patrols state: "Did you just see that!?"

On Leather Wings Ending

  • The "Justice League Unlimited" episode "Epilogue" was planned as the last of the "Batman Beyond" adventures to give some closure to this once popular set of characters. This episode also marked Andrea Beaumont's final appearance as the Phantasm.
  • Of Ace's new Royal Flush Gang that appears in the episode's flashback sequence:
  • Ten has extendable hair braids and is possibly named for Bo Derek's character in the movie 10.
  • Jack is a samurai, possibly named for the Cartoon Network show character Samurai Jack.
  • Queen is a man transformed into a woman, hence a "drag queen".
  • King resembles the crown part of a tooth and rides around on a hovering throne.

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