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Justice League Vol 1 6


Justice League Vol 1 6

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"Massacre in Gray": Creeper and the free members of the Justice League enter the altered city of Stone Ridge and find the population comatose. Gray Man, who has captured Dr. Fate and C

Quote1 Oh, and Batman... ? Don't ever change -- I love you just the way you are! Quote2
-- The Creeper

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Synopsis for "Massacre in Gray"

Creeper and the free members of the Justice League enter the altered city of Stone Ridge and find the population comatose. Gray Man, who has captured Dr. Fate and Captain Marvel, decides to control Captain Marvel directly and sends him to fight the Justice League. Martian Manhunter fights him, keeping him busy, while the others track the Gray Man to a movie theater. Gray Man, however, has difficulty controlling Captain Marvel as his magical nature resists and Martian Manhunter uses his telepathy to fight his control as well. Eventually he is weakened enough that Captain Marvel regains control but not before Martian Manhunter knocks him out. Dr. Fate then breaks free and the two fight as the remaining members of the Justuce League arrive. Gray Man summons his army of controlled selves who attack the Creeper and the Justice League members stealing their energy and putting them all in a coma as well. Dr. Fate teleports the group and the Gray Man to to another dimension. Martian Manhunter is unable to find them so he takes the injured Captain Marvel for medical attention. Meanwhile Maxwell Lord and Hal Jordan discuss Lord's plans for the Justice League.


  • With issue #7, the series changes its title to Justice League International.


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