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Appearing in "The Return of Anakronus!"

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Synopsis for "The Return of Anakronus!"

While watching the JLA members' appearance at an annual telethon on TV, Snapper Carr and his family suddenly find their home invaded, and themselves held hostage, by a costumed maniac named Anakronus. He claims to be a super-villain ally of the Lord of Time who had fought the Justice League in a previously unpublicized adventure (following the events of issue #11). He has Snapper contact the super-heroes with a ransom demand. Snapper tips off Green Lantern over the phone, though, and the Atom travels to the scene along the phone wires. Red Tornado and Elongated Man also show up to subdue the villain, who proves to be an ordinary fanatic, with no special powers or weapons.

Appearing in "Detour"

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Synopsis for "Detour"

reprinted from Comic Cavalcade Vol 1 18

Appearing in "Crisis on Earth-Three!"

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Synopsis for "Crisis on Earth-Three!"

reprinted from Justice League of America Vol 1 29


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