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Appearing in "The Hero Who Jinxed the Justice League!"

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Synopsis for "The Hero Who Jinxed the Justice League!"

Immediately upon the arrival of Adam Strange on Earth, another duplicated Rannian menace attacks the remaining Justice League members, and defeats them. Kanjar Ro confronts Adam, and reveals his plan, but Adam wrests the villain's Energi-rod from him, and teleport with it back to Rann. There, he discovers Kanjar's hideaway at the planet's North Pole, and uses the Energirod to restore the five supposedly disintegrated JLA members, as well as Alanna.

Returning to Earth, Superman and Flash defeat the cloud menace which had overcome their fellow members, and the others capture Kanjar Ro himself. Finally, the entire Justice League are guests on Rann for the wedding of Adam Strange and Alanna (which had been delayed, for unexplained reasons[1].


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  1. after the events in Hawkman #18
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