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Appearing in "Where On Earth Am I?"

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Synopsis for "Where On Earth Am I?"

On Earth-Prime, a world similar to our own, where the Justice League heroes are only comic-book characters, Cary Bates and Elliot Maggin, writers for DC Comics, are engaged in a story conference. When they begin meddling with a duplicate of Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, [1] it sends Bates to Earth-Two. While there, he acquires fantastic mental powers as a side-effect of his trans-dimensional journey, and falls under the influence of the Wizard.

Meanwhile, Elliot Maggin uses the Cosmic Treadmill to search for his writing partner. He transports to Earth-One and recruits the aid of the Justice League of America.

After hearing Maggin's story, he and the heroes travel to Earth-Two where they battle the Injustice Society. They defeat the villains, however, it is revealed that their foes were really JSA members in disguise... and seemingly dead at the hands of a master super-villain -- Cary Bates!

To be continued...


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  1. First seen in The Flash #179, in which the Flash visits Earth-Prime.

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