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Appearing in "Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society"

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  • Atomic Plant #3



Synopsis for "Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society"

While the Justice League fills in for the deceased Justice Society members in combating crime on Earth-Two, the villainous Cary Bates kidnaps fellow writer Elliot S! Maggin in an animated word balloon, and uses him to lure the heroes into a battle with the Injustice Society. Bates's magical powers cause the heroes to see images of the dead JSA members during the battle and, overcome with guilt, they start to lose. The day is saved by Maggin and the Spectre, the former bombarding Bates with insults, breaking his concentration, and causing him to lose control of his creations, the latter returning from the beyond to restore the other Justice Society members to life. The JLA and JSA team up to defeat the villains. Cary Bates is restored to normal, and he and Maggin are re-turned to Earth-Prime by Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, while the Spectre returns to his ghostly domain as he erases the JSA heroes' memories of their temporary deaths.


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