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Appearing in "Earth's First And Last Super-Hero"

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Synopsis for "Earth's First And Last Super-Hero"

In the middle of a Justice League meeting, before the unbelieving eyes of Wonder Woman, Red Tornado, and Black Canary, five of their fellow members inexplicably vanish. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow reappear on Earth-Prime, where super-heroes exist only in comic-books, and they are unable to return to Earth-One.

DC Comics Julius Schwartz explains that certain individuals on Earth-Prime (such as some DC writers) have the ability to affect reality on Earth-One [1], and that his recent reader survey to determine the JLA's most popular members may have resulted in those five heroes being transported between Earths.

Meanwhile, Ultraa, an alien youth rocketed to Earth-Prime after the death of his race and raised by Australian aborigines, has emerged as Earth-Prime's first super-hero, and his presence is the force preventing the JLA heroes from returning home.

Maxitron. the controlling computer of his ship, has gone insane, and merges with a human scientist to become the first super-villain, Ultraa's counter-part. A misunderstanding results in a battle among Ultraa, Superman, and Green Lantern, but finally the three team up to defeat Maxitron, with Superman and Ultraa ex-changing identities to prevent the villain from exploiting their respective weaknesses to red solar energy and ultra-sonic sound.

Realizing that Earth-Prime is not yet ready to have super-beings in its midst, Ultraa returns to Earth-One with the JLA members.


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  1. as demonstrated by Cary Bates in Flash #228
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