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Appearing in "The Reverse-Spells of Zatanna's Magic"

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Synopsis for "The Reverse-Spells of Zatanna's Magic"

No sooner does the Justice League elect Zatanna the Magician as its newest member than she appears at their meeting to violently refuse the honor. Batman seeks out her father, Zatara, and discovers that everything Zatanna had said at the meeting had been reversed, even to the words of her usually backwards mystic incantations. When he also discovers that the "Green Lantern" who had attended the meeting was an impostor, Batman, together with Green Arrow, Atom, Red Tornado, and Black Canary, follows Zatanna to the other-dimensional world of Ys. There, she has overcome a demon army with the aid of Ys's human inhabitants, and has rescued the real Green Lantern, who had been exchanged magically for the War-lock, ruler of Ys (who had fought GL and Zatanna previously in Green Lantern (second series) #42). The super-heroes defeat the Warlock, and Zatanna joins the Justice League after all.


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