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"Grand Canyon Showdown": The Lord of Time sits in his Chronal-Control Chamber and observes the action, taking place in Arizona in the year 1878. Through his own machinations, he has sent four members of the Justice League backwards in time so that they migh

Quote1 You should always keep your eyes on your back trail, partner. That's a lesson you can't learn twice. Quote2
-- Bat Lash

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Synopsis for "Grand Canyon Showdown"

The Lord of Time sits in his Chronal-Control Chamber and observes the action, taking place in Arizona in the year 1878. Through his own machinations, he has sent four members of the Justice League backwards in time so that they might unwittingly preserve a cluster of antimatter energy scheduled to strike the Earth at that precise moment in time. As added insurance, he has also sent four robots (dressed as cowboys) into the past, to make certain that the displaced Justice League members achieve his goals.

Green Lantern and Jonah Hex continue to travel along the territory of Northern Arizona. They decide to head towards the closest community – a town called Desecration. In Desecration, Elongated Man and Scalphunter wander into a saloon where they come across Zatanna and Cinnamon. Elongated Man and Zatanna continue to suffer from amnesia, and fail to recognize one another. Rounding out the cast is the gambler, Bat Lash, and a time-displaced Flash.

Before long, the Lord of Time's robot agents circle around Jonah and GL, hoping to corral them towards the location where the antimatter cluster is scheduled to impact the Earth. Green Lantern keeps one of the robots at bay with his power ring, but Jonah destroys it with a well-placed shot from his colt.

Joined together, the eight adventurers travel onward, riding deeper into the desert environs of the Grand Canyon. Green Lantern notices his ring flashing wildly and wills it to show him any potential danger to their lives. The ring creates a view screen showing them the oncoming antimatter cluster. Slowly, the League members begin to recall their names and identities.

Green Lantern and Zatanna fly off towards space to slow the antimatter cluster's decent, while the Flash grabs Elongated Man and begins spinning him wildly around creating a massive thermal updraft. While the League are busy with the antimatter, Jonah Hex, Scalphunter, Cinnamon and Bat Lash take care of the remaining robots. The League manages to disperse the antimatter cluster before it can make contact with Earth’s atmosphere. With the danger past, they return to their normal time era.

In 1981, Superman has managed to survive the Lord of Time's Kryptonite attack and defeat him. He welcomes his time-lost allies back into the Justice League Satellite dragging the Lord's unconscious body behind him.


  • Jonah Hex and the Elongated Man have met on one prior occasion,[1] although neither mention it. The Elongated Man's amnesia precludes him from recognizing Jonah. It is unknown when these events take place in the context of Jonah's personal timeline; this may precede their "prior" meeting from his perspective. The Elongated Man is the only League member present who was also present during the group's last battle with the Lord of Time.


  • The Lord of Time states that "Scientists have theorized that a huge meteor crashed in Siberia, causing [an] explosion [at the turn of the century]... and others have suggested the meteor was made of anti-matter, to cause such destruction! "What no one knows but I is this: there was a similar explosion here in the Grand Canyon, at this very spot, in the year 1878!".

The explosion the Lord of Time refers to took place in Sibera's Tunguska area in 1908. As established in Wonder Woman #324, the cause of the Tunguska explosion lay in an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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