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Quote1 You're running so fast -- even with my sea-born reflexes -- I can't lay a glove on you! Quote2
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "Crisis on Earth-Prime! Book One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Experimental NASA shuttle

Synopsis for "Crisis on Earth-Prime! Book One"

One Earth-Two, Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, Huntress, Power Girl and Starman of the Justice Society of America prepare to activate a Transmatter Cube that will teleport them to Earth-One where they may visit their friends, the Justice League of America. Aboard the JLA satellite, the League prepares to receive their guests. Something goes awry however and rather than the JSA arriving on the satellite, the League instead encounters the Crime Syndicate of Earth-Three. Before the League can even get their bearings, the Crime Syndicate dives on top of them. Super-Woman punches Superman through the hull of the satellite, while Power Ring bashes Firestorm with a large green energy hammer. Ultraman tears up a piece of sheet metal from the floor and wraps it around Zatanna before pitching her into outer space. Aquaman tries to stop Johnny Quick, but Johnny's super-speed is faster than Aquaman's enhanced reflexes. Owlman gets the drop on Hawkman and zaps him with a palm laser. After the League is defeated, Super-Woman pulls up another section of floor and uses it to plug the hole she made in the side of the satellite. The Crime Syndicate then boards an experimental space shuttle and flies towards Earth. They intend on establishing a foothold on the planet in order to stage their revenge plot against Per Degaton.

The Justice Society meanwhile, does not appear on Earth-One, but rather, they arrive in an alternate future time line of a world known as Earth-Prime. They stare horrified at the tableau before them, as the city of New York is nothing but a sea of broken, shattered buildings and debris. They begin scanning the area for signs of life, when suddenly a large green vine comes to life and ensnares the Huntress. Power Girl tugs on the vine and pulls her free. Green Lantern scans the area with his ring, and learns that Per Degaton is responsible for perpetuating an atomic holocaust that ravaged this world.

Back on Earth-One, Superman awakens in mid air as he is plummeting towards the Earth. He spies Zatanna's steel-encased body and saves her, flying her back to the satellite. He arrives just as Aquaman, Hawkman and Firestorm are coming to. Zatanna decides that they need to find out what happened to the Justice Society before they can pursue the Crime Syndicate. They use the Transmatter Cube to teleport to Earth-Two. When they arrive however, they find the JSA Headquarters in ruins. It looks as if it hadn’t been occupied in years. When they walk outside, they discover a fascist city-state with statues of Per Degaton decorating the streets. The automobiles and the fashions are in the style of the 1940s.

The Justice League decides that their answer to this mystery lies in the past. To discover how this world came to fall under the might of Per Degaton, they travel backwards in time to January of 1942. They arrive at JSA Headquarters, but when they enter they are shocked to find the All-Star Squadron standing before them.


  • Roy Thomas is credited as a plot consultant for this issue.


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