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Justice League of America Vol 1 223


Justice League of America Vol 1 223

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"Beasts Part Three: Blood Sport": Reena goes to the Arena and turns herself in to Maximus Rex's guards. Rex meanwhile, is in the middle of massacring another group of hapless victims inside the fighting pit. Doctor Lovecraft escorts Reena out into

Quote1 And so you must pay the price for your betrayal -- in this arena, before my gathered friends and patrons -- at the hands of Maximus Rex! Quote2
-- Maximus Rex

Appearing in "Beasts Part Three: Blood Sport"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Reena (Final appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Shorty the robot
  • Leroy (Single appearance)
  • Mac (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Beasts Part Three: Blood Sport"

Reena goes to the Arena and turns herself in to Maximus Rex's guards. Rex meanwhile, is in the middle of massacring another group of hapless victims inside the fighting pit. Doctor Lovecraft escorts Reena out into the stadium and presents her to Rex. Sneering, Rex brutally finishes off the remaining combatants as a means of showing Reena how he deals with those who betray him.

Reena is taken backstage and the blood-soaked Maximus Rex joins her shortly thereafter. He orders Lovecraft to pack up their equipment and prepare to relocate to their new island base. Reena tells Rex to release the captured Hawkman, Hawkwoman and Wonder Woman. Rex responds by backhanding her. What Rex doesn't realize however, is that Reen is wearing a micro-transmitter in her hear so the Justice League can keep tabs on the Ani-Men's movements.

At the Justice League satellite, Aquaman continues tracking the Ani-Men's position. Superman in particular is frustrated that Rex was able to capture three of their teammates so easily. Fortunately for the League, Elongated Man and the Flash, though injured, return to active duty.

Firestorm and the Elongated Man go to Repli-Tech's headquarters at the Empire State Building. They engage several armored guards just as Reena and the others arrive. Reena turns against Repli-Tech and begins clawing at the armed men. Firestorm has to reign her in before her frenzy drives her to kill. The Elongated Man corners Doctor Lovecraft and demands the antitoxin required to save Hawkman's life. He succeeds in acquiring it, but now has to find Hawkman in order to administer it.

Aboard the satellite, Aquaman learns the location of Rex's private island. He begins swimming there and meets up with the other team members who are already en route. Superman flies on ahead of the others to the island, but the Ani-Men are ready for him. They fire a hi-tech laser cannon that blasts Superman out of the sky. The cannon uses red ultraviolet radiation which greatly weakens the Man of Steel. They apprehend him and bring him inside their lair.

Aquaman meanwhile, swims towards the shore of the island, but has to contend with Gargantus, the whale-man. Aquaman uses his telepathy to shut Gargantus' brain off, enabling him to complete his journey.

Maximus Rex unleashes all of the Ani-Men and they begin fighting the other League members. Reena targets Rex directly and leaps upon him. The two creatures begin savagely tearing into one another.

What the Ani-Men don't quite realize yet though, is that the process that originally gave them their powers is now mutating them even further. They quickly devolve into normal, everyday animals, including Reena. As simple beasts, they no longer present a viable threat.

The League administers the antitoxin to Hawkman and he is cured of the poison.


  • This issue shipped on November 3rd, 1983.
  • Final chapter of the "Beasts" story-arc.


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