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Justice League of America Vol 1 229


Justice League of America Vol 1 229

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"War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part II of III) - Bitter Ashes": Before waiting for a response from the United Nations, Martian warships begin destroying Earth's orbital satellite network.

Quote1 Firestorm... why don't you try to grow up? This isn't a movie. John Wayne isn't going to come charging to the rescue with a gang full or marines in tow. We just heard a declaration of war... and maybe some of us here also believe we heard a sentence of death for the human race. Quote2
-- Elongated Man

Appearing in "War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part II of III) - Bitter Ashes"

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Synopsis for "War of the Worlds, 1984 (Part II of III) - Bitter Ashes"

Before waiting for a response from the United Nations, Martian warships begin destroying Earth's orbital satellite network.

In New York, Firestorm grows suspicious of the Martian Manhunter's true intentions. He suspects that J'onn may have deliberately led a Martian scout force to Earth.

Aquaman confers with the President of the United States. The President inquires about the League's more powerful members, namely, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Aquaman has no idea where they are.

At the United Nations, the U.N. secretary general declines the Martian order of surrender, declaring that Earth will defend itself. Firestorm appears thrilled over the secretary's perceived bravado, but the Elongated Man soberly explains that Earth may not survive this war.

Martian warships converge on the Justice League satellite and nearly destroy it. The Challenger boards the station where he finds the other members of the League. Green Arrow manages to lay him low with a Wall-Smasher Arrow.

The Martian Manhunter dons a space suit and takes a Justice League shuttle. He intends on facing the Marshal directly.


  • The Earth/Mars War, as presented in this issue, is no longer part of modern continuity. In the Post-Crisis environment, the Martian fleet is replaced with a cadre of interstellar raiders known as the Debris. [1]


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