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Justice League of America Vol 1 64


Justice League of America Vol 1 64

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"The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado!": Earth-Two: Black Canary, Flash, Starman, Hourman and Dr. Fate meet at the Justice Society headquarters for another meeting of the group. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a new Red Tornado. The JSA are shocked, because this is obviously no th

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Synopsis for "The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado!"

Earth-Two: Black Canary, Flash, Starman, Hourman and Dr. Fate meet at the Justice Society headquarters for another meeting of the group. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a new Red Tornado. The JSA are shocked, because this is obviously no the Red Tornado that they remember, however the being insists that he used to be a member of the group and that he has memories of all the members including their secret identities and powers. When they have him take his mask off, they find that he is nothing more than a faceless robot underneath. When reports of attacks by similar appearing robots at a nearby museum reach the JSA, they spring into action taking the Red Tornado with them.

There they find the robots vaporizing the contents of the museum to be collected by a giant ship. The JSA and Red Tornado try to fight off the robots. Although the JSA have the upper-hand, through seeming bungling of the Red Tornado all the members are struck down and seemingly killed by the robots. Red Tornado and Dr. Fate manage to escape the same fate when they their bodies (rendered inert from paralyzing dust) causes them to fall in a nearby lake, which washes away the dust.

Pulling themselves out of the water, Red Tornado feels himself being drawn by some unknown force and leaves the scene. As it turns out, Red Tornado was created by the Earth-One villain T.O. Morrow, who had escaped to Earth-Two following his battle against the Flash and Green Lantern's of Earth-One. There he built a computer that would tell him the best way to commit his super-crimes. The computer had suggested that he create the Red Tornado as it would be the key to preventing the Justice Society from stopping him.

When the Red Tornado tries to stop T.O. Morrow, he uses his futur-energy guns to deactivate the robot. Consulting his computer to learn the best way to loot Atlantis, he is told that his key to victory would be from having the Red Tornado active and opposing him. Meanwhile, back at the Justice Society headquarters, Dr. Fate has gathered Green Lantern, Atom, Hawkman, Sandman, Mr. Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite to try and figure a way to revive their fellow JSA members. Their alert monitor alerts them of the recently reactivated Red Tornado's battle against T.O. Morrow's robots and they go to lend him a hand. Easily defeating the robots, Red Tornado tells them that the key to reviving their fallen comrades would be to use the futur-energy guns to restore them. However, upon taking one it discharges a powerful bolt knocking out all the JSA members.

Victorious, T.O. Morrow cannot settle for just being the master of one Earth, and decides to go back to Earth-One and defeat the Justice League of America. However, when goes to consult his computer, it tells him that the only way he can defeat the Justice League is if they team up with the Red Tornado. This story is continued next issue...


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