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Justice League of America Vol 1 74


Justice League of America Vol 1 74

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"Where Death Fears to Tread!": Continued from last issue.... A living star named Aquarius has used his powers in conjunction with Star Man's Star Rod to erase the entire Earth-Two universe, leaving only a handful of the members of the Justice Society of America alive in a force field erected by

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Synopsis for "Where Death Fears to Tread!"

Continued from last issue.... A living star named Aquarius has used his powers in conjunction with Star Man's Star Rod to erase the entire Earth-Two universe, leaving only a handful of the members of the Justice Society of America alive in a force field erected by Dr. Fate keeping him from completely obliterating that universe. Red Tornado has recruited the Justice League of America to travel to Earth-Two to help their alternate reality counterparts however it has taken him two weeks to get the Justice League to listen to his story.

As Dr. Fate's powers (Which have been maintaining the force field and keeping the JSA alive) begin to fade, Aquarius boasts how upon their destruction Earth-Two will cease to exist. Meanwhile, the Justice League of America is crossing the dimensional barrier between universes, along the way Green Lantern notes the existence of a portal to the anti-mater universe which would destroy anything that crossed it unprotected. Detecting the arrival of the heroes from Earth-One, Aquarius uses his vast powers to take control of the Justice Society and orders them to attack the Justice League.

Soon Superman of Earth-Two is pitted against his Earth-One counterpart, Flash must face Dr. Fate, Hawkman must fight Wonder Woman, the Green Lanterns are pitted against each other, Batman and the Atom must face Dr. Mid-Nite, and Green Arrow is alone against Larry Lance and Black Canary, leaving Red Tornado to watch the brawl.

Batman manages to outfight Dr. Mid-Nite, while Flash keeps Dr. Fate distracted with his super-speed giving the Atom enough time to slip under his helmet and pinch his hose causing his magic bolt to go wild and strike Wonder Woman's lasso, tripping her up and giving the Flash an opener to knock Dr. Fate out with a single punch. The two Superman are equally matched and battle each other to the point of exhaustion and the two pass out. Green Lantern of Earth-One has an easy bout with his Earth-Two counterpart who's ring lost its charge 13 days prior and is easily defeated. Green Arrow's battle against Black Canary and Larry Lance takes a tragic turn when Green Arrow manages to strike down Black Canary with a glue arrow. This prompts Aquarius to try and kill her with a giant energy ball. When Larry, who just defeated Green Arrow in battle, realizes what is about to happen he snaps out of Aquarius' control and jumps in the balls path sacrificing himself to save the life of his wife.

With Larry's death the Justice Society snap out of the mental domination that Aquarius put on them and the Earth-Two universe reconstitutes itself. After the Green Lantern's recharge their power rings there is a quickly organized funeral service for Larry which is interrupted by Aquarius who has come to mock them. This sends the furious Justice League and Justice Society after him as he flees into space. There, the Green Lanterns take advantage of the star-creatures insecurities of being called a coward to trick the creature into following them into the anti-mater universe. Realizing too late what has happened Aquarius is destroyed when he crosses into the barrier.

With the menace of Aquarius ended and Earth-Two once more safe the Justice League of America bids farewell to the Justice Society, however before they go Black Canary, telling them she has nothing left to live for on Earth-Two now that Larry is dead asks to go with the JLA, and she is welcomed with open arms by Superman.


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