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"The Lightning Saga (Part V of V) - The Villain is the Hero in His Own Story": At Slaughter Swamp, the Justice League and the Justice Society are shocked that they've been fighting such real illusions. Looking around, Superman spots what he belie

Quote1 But for this universe, all I really care about is that we got who we wanted. Quote2
-- Brainiac 5

Appearing in "The Lightning Saga (Part V of V) - The Villain is the Hero in His Own Story"

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Synopsis for "The Lightning Saga (Part V of V) - The Villain is the Hero in His Own Story"

At Slaughter Swamp, the Justice League and the Justice Society are shocked that they've been fighting such real illusions. Looking around, Superman spots what he believes is Sensor Girl, and grabs her before she can leave. Sensor Girl claims that Superman just shattered her shoulder, and Superman is horrified, until Power Girl reveals that she's also an illusion. Superman orders the others to find the Legionarries immediately.

Around the world, the Legionaires assume their intended positions. Starman says that he won't be able to go back with them, and asks them to take of Dream Girl for him. Flash confronts Dream Girl, and realizes that she can still see into the future. She knows that she isn't the one to get struck, but her job is to keep him distracted. Flash reminds her that he's hardly the fastest of the two teams, and within seconds, the other heroes confront the Legionaires: Power Girl confronts Dawnstar, Red Tornado confronts Wildfire, and Green Lantern confronts Timber Wolf. In Smallville, Superman confronts Sensor Girl, saying that he's "very annoyed". He looks at her in every visual spectrum he is capable of, and listens for both her hearts, only believing that it's Sensor Girl when he can smell her tears as she says Superman wasn't supposed to find them. She doesn't reveal exactly why the Legion are here, but confirms that it's a repeat of Lightning Lad's resurrection.

In Gotham, Batman and Mr. Terrific head into an abandon mansion where Starman is located. Terrific asks if they should really be stopping them, but Batman points out that they aren't debating suicide. As they make their way through the building, Batman realizes that he's been here before: it's where the Flash tried to contact him during the First Crisis. At the same time, Green Lantern realizes that the building he's in is the Lab where Barry Allen was first exposed to the Speed Force. The two realize that they're trying to resurrect one of their, they're trying to bring back the Flash. Green Lantern is now hesitant, and Timber Wolf notices. Terrific finds Starman and tries to grab him, only for the Flight Rings to activate force fields to keep the heroes from getting through. Black Canary activates a shutdown mechanism Terrific installed, but the rings are self-repairing.

Terrific says that the last tracer is located in the mansion, but Starman reveals that Karate Kid removed his tracer. And in Blue Valley, the lightning strikes his rod. The other heroes begin moving in on his location, and find that they succeeded: They not only brought back Wally West, but his entire family. The other Legionaires then fade away, escept for Starman, who removes his ring. Green Lantern and Red Arrow arrive, and have a touching reunion with Wally, as Lantern officially invites him into the new Justice League. In Gotham, Terrific notices that Batman almost seems disappointed, and Batman admits that he was expecting someone else. At the Fortress of Solitude, the Legionaires depart for their timeline, only for another Legionaire to come through and say that Karate Kid has another mission. Karate Kid explains that he survived by ducking, but that doens't matter now. The Countdown has begun.

In the future, Wildfire is debriefing Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5, explaining that West was somehow riging the lightning to return to Earth. Brainiac 5 is surprised, having not expected that. However, it doens't really matter to him. All he cares is that they got the individual they wanted—housed in the Lightning Rod.



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