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Ed Benes/Penciler, Ed Benes/Inker, Rob Hunter/Inker, Norm Rapmund/Inker, Drew Geraci/Inker, Pete Pantazis/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Augustus Freeman (Dakotaverse)/Quotes, Justice League of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Kendra Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Mari McCabe (New Earth)/Appearances, Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Rusch (New Earth)/Appearances, Zatanna Zatara (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Kimiyo Hoshi (New Earth)/Appearances, Shadow Cabinet/Appearances, Kahina Eskandari (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Gerri Brauer (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Valerie Kameya (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Kevin Franklin (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Isadora Wellington-Smythe (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Amnon Silverstein (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Stella Maxwell (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Gloria Mundi (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Curtis Metcalf (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Augustus Freeman (Dakotaverse)/Appearances, Bernhard Baker (New Earth)/Appearances, Arthur Light (New Earth)/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, Hall of Justice/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, S.T.A.R. Labs/Appearances, St. Roch/Appearances, Justice League Satellite II/Appearances, Sightings, Comics, 2009, 2009, January, 2008, November (Publication), Justice League of America Vol 2, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Justice League of America Vol 2 27


Justice League of America Vol 2 27

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"Be Careful What You Wish For...": Working at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) deals with her mundane life after losing her powers. Returning to her apartment one evening, she finds an unfamiliar group of costumed individuals (the [[Sh

Quote1 My name is Icon. My associates are the Shadow Cabinet. Some of you know me, all of you should accept me at my word. Allow us to pass, or I cannot guarantee your safety. Quote2
-- Icon

Appearing in "Be Careful What You Wish For..."

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Synopsis for "Be Careful What You Wish For..."

Working at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) deals with her mundane life after losing her powers.[1] Returning to her apartment one evening, she finds an unfamiliar group of costumed individuals (the Shadow Cabinet) waiting for, who explain that they need "a moment of [her] time".

In St. Roch, while in bed with Red Arrow, Hawkgirl has a sex dream involving Hawkman. Hearing her talk in her sleep, Arrow is angry enough to leave.

At the Hall of Justice, Vixen and Animal Man train together. Black Canary clears Vixen for active duty again now that her powers are back in control, and also offers regular membership to Animal Man, but he declines.

Immediately taking priority action against the intruders in her home, Kimiyo rushes to find her kids, briefly reactivating her powers. Although she is moving at light speed, Hardware tricks her into running through a cloud of ultracooled atoms, completely halting her. Although the group is initially relieved, Donner notices that there appears to be a Justice League communicator in her hand.

Conducting one of their clandestine triumvirate meetings in their secret hyper-space conference room,[2] Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are interrupted by Black Canary. Canary expresses annoyance that despite being current elected League Chairwoman, the Trinity are undermining her, and continuing to attempt to run things in secret. Their conversation is interrupted by Kimiyo's distress call, and a minor task force including Batman, Black Lightning, Zatanna and Firestorm are sent to investigate. At her apartment, they meet Doctor Light, who claims it was a false alarm. Batman immediately deduces that she's a fake, and punches the woman, who reveals herself to be Starlight of the Cabinet. Payback, who had been posing as the babysitter, transforms into his full form, angry that Batman has slugged his girlfriend.

In the Justice League Watchtower, Hardware and Iota attempt to steal the remains of the original Doctor Light, but are ambushed by the entire League. However, Iota reveals that she has been keeping the entire Shadow Cabinet shrunk down as backup, and the full Cabinet confronts the League, including Icon.



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This comic is a Sightings issue. Sightings is a theme running through the years of 2008 and 2009, highlighting the first issue of upcoming events or themes in the DCU.

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