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""The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold"": Trident, flanked by Dr. Impossible, attacks and freezes the Parasite but, fortunately neither villain recognizes [[Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)|J

Quote1 Find yourself, John Smith. And will find others like you. Quote2
-- Phantom Stranger

Appearing in "The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Unnamed Bar
  • Unknown State/City
  • Unnamed Cemetery (Resting place of Boston Brand)



Synopsis for "The Tornado's Path (Part III of VI) - Tornado Outbreak!/The Brave & The Bold"

Trident, flanked by Dr. Impossible, attacks and freezes the Parasite but, fortunately neither villain recognizes Jefferson Pierce who attacks and takes down Trident.

Red Tornado goes to Deadman's grave to find out why he tricked Tornado into abandoning his android body. Boston doesn't appear but Phantom Stranger does advising Tornado to "find himself." Deducing this means to find his stolen body, Tornado heads to the Rocky Mountain base.

At the base, Black Canary, Arsenal, and Green Lantern fight the army of Red Tornado-based androids. Dinah and Hal simultaneously discover the androids' 'Achilles heel' and take them all down.

Dr. Impossible teleports away from the fight with Jefferson when another hero arrives. He brings the frozen Parasite to the Rocky Mountain base where the villains add Parasite's frozen and now crumbled arm into Red Tornado's android body. The head is returned to the body, now with flesh-colored skin and pointy ears.

Vixen had survived the explosion (last issue) by tunneling underground like a mole. Without the Tantu Totem the morphogenic field begins a constant assault on her mind.

At Reddy and Kathy's apartment, both Kathy and Traya can't sleep. Traya asks Kathy about how Red is now human, if he can dream, sleep, and bleed. Traya asks if this means that Red Tornado could die. Kathy assures her that he wont, but it is clear she hadn't thought of this.

Hawkgirl and Jefferson discover something on Trident's neck and they take the unconscious villain to the Batcave where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have been discussing new recruits for the Justice League. Jefferson shows the heroes that Trident has a small Starro attached to his neck.


Justice League of America v.2 3B

Cover B

  • Heroes discussed and/or voted on for inclusion in the League this issue include: Black Lightning with a mention that a secret vote on Wonder Woman occurred.
  • Duplicate androids of Red Tornado have been designed by Professor Ivo in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black varieties. All are shown having the wind/tornado power of flight. In addition, blue ones can conjure wind, green ones can fire lightning bolts, and yellow ones fire light/heat energy beams (Arsenal calls the powers "the sun"). The black one is only shown punching. A red one (in a background shot) is shown projecting light/heat energy but this may just be a mis-coloring error.
  • The duplicate androids are shown as having a fail-safe mechanism in their subtalar joint (Achilles heel). The original Red Tornado body is said to have that failsafe in his neck.
  • The events depicted in Issues #1 through #6 appear to be occurring during a single day.


  • The epitaph on Boston Brand's gravestone is, ironically, "Forever With Us."

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