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"Reunion, Part One": Vibe is resurrected as a Black Lantern after reminiscing on his days as a member of a street gang.

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Synopsis for "Reunion, Part One"

Vibe is resurrected as a Black Lantern after reminiscing on his days as a member of a street gang.

Later, a small group of Justice League members wander the Hall of Justice the dead bodies of their enemies were resurrected. Zatanna's father appears before the group as a Black Lantern. Zatanna tells the rest of the heroes to leave as she fights off her father's spells with her own.

As the heroes move further into the Hall, Dr. Light suddenly breaks off from the group. As the rest of the group tries to figure out their next move, Vibe suddenly appears. He destroys Red Tornado and rips out Plastic Man's heart. Gypsy and Vixen prepare to fight Vibe, but are stunned when Steel also shows up as a Black Lantern.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light finally finds the Black Lantern that she had been searching for: the original Firestorm.


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