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Justice League of America Vol 2 52


Justice League of America Vol 2 52

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"Omega, Part 3: D.C. Challenge": Three days after a dome arose around Washington, D.C., Superman, Green Lantern, the JSA, and other heroes are still trying to bre

Quote1 Keep moving. Running. Moving people. Crazy shell game, with every life in D.C. at stake. Quote2
-- Jessie Quick

Appearing in "Omega, Part 3: D.C. Challenge"

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Synopsis for "Omega, Part 3: D.C. Challenge"

Three days after a dome arose around Washington, D.C., Superman, Green Lantern, the JSA, and other heroes are still trying to break it down or break in, but are unsuccessful. Superman is confident that the five heroes inside, Justice League of America, can "overcome whatever they need to and triumph." Inside, the Omega Man fights the JLA, trying to demand information from Jade about how she combined her power with the power of Apokolips, and what she did with the people. Trying to conserve his energy until he can feed, the Omega Man temporarily takes leave of the JLA, knowing that they are trapped within the dome. Meanwhile, the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, also trapped within the dome, focuses their energy on trying to bust out. Also, Batman, Green Lantern of Earth-9, and Blue Jay try to ascertain what has happened from within the dome while a skulking Owlman eavesdrops. They are soon joined by Supergirl, who has taken a dark turn possibly due to the proximity of Dark Matter. After a quick kiss to Batman, she takes off and the hiding Owlman reveals himself, and announces that in the interest of saving his own world, the CSA and JLA must work together. Focusing back on Omega Man in his new command center, the Smithsonian, he is tormented with the voices of the more than three-hundred million souls that he has consumed, and still he hungers for more! The CSA and JLA enter an uneasy alliance just in time for Omega Man to resume his assault, unfortunately, this time he is joined by Ultraman and Dark Supergirl, whom have decided to ally themselves with him. Leading by example, Batman clearly see's that he is outmatched, and kneels before the Omega Man.


  • This story is reprinted in Justice League: Omega.


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