The Justice Society of America was a team of superheroes acting in secret to protect the Earth during the 1970s. Discovered and asked by their government to reveal their identities and to serve the government's purposes, the JSA refused, and the government soon learned their identities, pursued each of the members, and had them arrested on false charges. When the members refused to betray each other, the government dropped the false charges and the members went underground. By modern times the JSA remained unknown and obscured by the public's knowledge.

Though the 'active' members of the JSA: Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate became involved in attempting to apprehend Cameron Mahkent, the son of the former JSA villain Icicle, who inherited his father's ice powers and began murdering retired JSA members Star-Spangled Kid and Sandman. Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate teamed up with the Justice League, consisting Clark Kent and Green Arrow in stopping the younger Mahkent. Doctor Fate was killed by Mahkent and his helmet was stolen and used by the villain against his enemies. Ultimately, Martian Manhunter intervened and nullified Mahkent's powers and allowing the JSA and the Justice League to defeat Mahkent. Which Hawkman dealt a finishing blow to Mahkent with his mace. Following after Mahkent's arrest, the JSA was made known to the public by Lois Lane and recognized the team for their heroic reputation. Stargirl and Hawkman later planned on reforming the Justice Society.


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  • The JSA never reformed during the show's run. However, the Smallville: Lantern miniseries implies that the JSA have begun to get back together.[1][2]

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