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Justice Society of America Vol 3 10

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"Thy Kingdom Come (Part I): What a Wonderful World": The JSA bring this alternate Superman into their meeting room. Starman recognizes him as the Superman of Earth-22. Superman tells the JSA about his native dimension and how t

Quote1 I watched all of you die. Quote2
-- Superman (Earth-22)

Appearing in "Thy Kingdom Come (Part I): What a Wonderful World"

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Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Part I): What a Wonderful World"

The JSA bring this alternate Superman into their meeting room. Starman recognizes him as the Superman of Earth-22. Superman tells the JSA about his native dimension and how the Joker killed his wife Lois Lane. An antihero known as Magog avenged Lois' death by killing the Joker and won the support of the populace. This led to a global conflict between heroes which ravished the world. After hearing his tale, the JSA secure him within the room, while they privately discuss what to do about him. While the others review Superman's tale, Obsidian manifests inside the meeting room and talks to Superman, in which the later learns much of this Earth in comparison to his chaotic version.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific inspect the ruins of the building where Goth was killed. Mid-Nite begins coughing, but blames it on the smoke. As the two leave the building for fresh air, a writing is seen embedded and obscured on a piece of wooden beam reading "GO-".

At JSA Headquarters, Superman recounts to Obsidian of everything that had happened in Earth-22 prior of his appearance on New Earth, consisting the people that he swore to protect killed their heroes with the dropping of a nuclear bomb. With his super hearing sense, Superman then hears a person who believes that the "world doesn't needs me." He breaks through the solid steel door, and the beleaguered JSA try to restrain them. He easily overpowers them and flies off. Soaring through Manhattan, Superman rescues a young woman preparing to commit suicide by leaping from the roof of a building. Camera crews immediately converge on the scene and speculation begins flourishing over who this "new" Superman might be.

The Flash runs to Central City and meets with Wally West at the Flash Museum. They discuss using the Cosmic Treadmill in the hopes of sending Superman back to his home dimension.

Meanwhile, a mysterious, shadowy figure tracks down the villain known as Chroma. He fires a blast of energy into his back, killing him.


  • All Earth-22 flashback scenes are painted by Alex Ross. Alex Ross illustrated the original Kingdom Come limited series.


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