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Justice Society of America Vol 3 12


Justice Society of America Vol 3 12

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""Thy Kingdom Come (Part III) - New Recruits"": Jakeem Thunder and the Thunderbolt return to the JSA brownstone after an extended leave of absence. They are shocked to see so many unfamiliar faces and both of them shout in unison, "Who the $%#@ are you?!" As it turns out, the JSA are in the mids

Quote1 Sorry I didn't... ring the buzzer, but someone left the front door open. Any of you ever heard of Gog? Quote2
-- Mister America

Appearing in "Thy Kingdom Come (Part III) - New Recruits"

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Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Part III) - New Recruits"

Jakeem Thunder and the Thunderbolt return to the JSA brownstone after an extended leave of absence. They are shocked to see so many unfamiliar faces and both of them shout in unison, "Who the $%#@ are you?!" As it turns out, the JSA are in the midst of watching a boxing training session between Wildcat, Sr. and the new Judomaster. Judomaster projects an aversion field which makes her nearly impossible to hit. In the meeting room, Alan, Jay and Carter peruse a group of photographs, analyzing who would be ideal to join the ranks of the JSA.

Later in New Orleans, Markus Clay, the new Amazing Man helps provide disaster relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Power Girl and Superman of Earth-22 arrive to lend a hand and offer him membership into the JSA. Amazing Man asks Superman for help disposing of a barge that broke through the levy floodwalls.

Elsewhere, Jeffrey Graves, the new Mister America continues investigating a string of murders committed by the Heartbreak Slayer. The Slayer has been singling out those heroes and villains who have made claims of Godhood. Mister America discovers that the Slayer's most recent victims include the New Olympians.

In Chicago, Mister Terrific, Cyclone and Stargirl visit the home of Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning. Jefferson introduces them to his youngest daughter Jennifer. Jennifer Pierce can transform her body into a field of electricity, but she has trouble controlling her powers. The JSA agree to give her shelter and help her in the use of her powers.

In Northern Afghanistan, Lance Corporal David Reid uses his Metahuman abilities to fight off terrorists. Green Lantern, the Flash and Hawkman appear in his tent after the battle and offer him membership into the team. David Reid is a very special legacy as he is the great-grandson of former United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Back at JSA Headquarters, a beaten and battered Mister America stumbles through the front doors. As the JSA turns towards him he asks, "Any of you ever heard of Gog?"


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  • On the cover of this issue, J.J. Thunder is wearing a t-shirt with a graphic of All-Star Comics #3, the first appearance of the Justice Society of America.
  • Characters considered for recruitment include Aquaman (Arthur Joseph Curry), Atom (Ray Palmer), Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Donna Troy, Firestorm, Karate Kid, Mary Marvel, Nightwing and the Ray (as well as those characters featured and/or introduced in this issue).

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