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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Alex Ross/Cover Artist, Dale Eaglesham/Cover Artist
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Prentis Rollins/Cover Artist, Geoff Johns/Writer, Alex Ross/Writer, Dale Eaglesham/Penciler, Prentis Rollins/Inker, Alex Sinclair/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Harvey Richards/Editor, Michael Siglain/Editor, William Matthews (New Earth)/Quotes, Justice Society of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Markus Clay (New Earth)/Appearances, Nathaniel Heywood (New Earth)/Appearances, Maxine Hunkel (New Earth)/Appearances, Grant Emerson (New Earth)/Appearances, Pieter Cross (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Scott (New Earth)/Appearances, Carter Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Jakeem Williams (New Earth)/Appearances, Sonia Sato (New Earth)/Appearances, David Reid (New Earth)/Appearances, Jesse Chambers (New Earth)/Appearances, Jennifer Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeffrey Graves (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Holt (New Earth)/Appearances, Todd Rice (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Courtney Whitmore (New Earth)/Appearances, Thom Kallor (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Kal-El (Earth-22)/Appearances, Ted Grant (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Bronson (New Earth)/Appearances, Abigail Hunkel (New Earth)/Appearances, Charlie the Owl (New Earth)/Appearances, Yz (New Earth)/Appearances, Gog I (New Earth)/Appearances, William Matthews (New Earth)/Appearances, Old Gods/Appearances, Teth-Adam (New Earth)/Appearances, Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice Society of America (Earth-2)/Appearances, Hippolyta Trevor (Earth-2)/Appearances, Helena Wayne (Earth-2)/Appearances, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (Earth-2)/Appearances, Richard Grayson (Earth-2)/Appearances, Earth-2/Appearances, Earth-22/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Battery Park/Appearances, JSA Headquarters IV/Appearances, Africa/Appearances, Republic of the Congo/Appearances, Rock of Eternity/Appearances, Boom Tube/Appearances, Cosmic Staff/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, Gog's Power Staff/Appearances, Nth Metal/Appearances, Comics, 2008, 2008, June, 2008, April (Publication), Justice Society of America Vol 3, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Justice Society of America Vol 3 15


Justice Society of America Vol 3 15

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""Thy Kingdom Come (Part VI) - The Good Fight"": The entire roster of the Justice Society of America continues to fight Gog II just beyond the steps of their Battery Park headquarters. Gog deflects an energy blast from Green Lantern, but quickly finds himself the victim of Obisidian's shadow pow

Quote1 This world was created in seven days -- Gog's scripture says he will save it in seven more. Quote2
-- Gog

Appearing in "Thy Kingdom Come (Part VI) - The Good Fight"

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  • Staten Island Ferry

Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Part VI) - The Good Fight"

The entire roster of the Justice Society of America continues to fight Gog II just beyond the steps of their Battery Park headquarters. Gog deflects an energy blast from Green Lantern, but quickly finds himself the victim of Obisidian's shadow powers. Obsidian disperses his shadow-self throughout Gog's body and temporarily blinds him. Superman and Lightning mount a direct assault while Power Girl, Stargirl and Starman evacuate nearby pedestrians out of the surrounding area (Starman is careful to include horses and poodles in his rescue efforts). The Wildcats jump Gog from behind, distracting him long enough for Liberty Belle to let loose with a flurry of super-speed combat maneuvers. As he staggers backwards, the rest of the JSAers dog pile on top of him. Gog tries to take down Citizen Steel, but the hero's cybernetic body is too heavy for him to move. Judomaster leaps from the bushes and judo flips Gog across the sidewalk. The rest of the team continues to batter away at them. Realizing that he is on the losing end of this battle, Gog activates a Boom Tube and teleports away. Several JSA members manage to follow after him.

Back at the Justice Society HQ, Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite administer care to the injured. Sandman arrives and tells them that he communed with the Earth and learned where Gog has retreated. He has returned to the temple of his master in the African Congo.

At the temple in Africa, the JSA continue to fight Gog. Something strange begins to happen to Lance's weaponry and it starts glowing with power. Sandman arrives and tries to talk sense to Gog. Suddenly, the true Gog reveals himself. What they had believed was the face of the temple, is in fact the face of the true Gog. Gog releases a burst of green energy from his mouth which seemingly destroys his successor. Gog rises from the Earth and stands at his full height. Looking down, he smiles at the battle-weary JSA members and says "I come in peace".


  • This issue shipped in the United States on May 21st, 2008.

  • Includes DC Nation editorial #110 by Dan DiDio. DiDio discusses the "Sightings" cover copy which will be seen on many DC Comics issues forecasting key points in the DC Universe for 2008.
  • Includes a teaser preview of snapshots for upcoming events in this title for 2008.


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