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Justice Society of America Vol 3 29


Justice Society of America Vol 3 29

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"Bad Seed, Part One: Fresh Meat": The Justice Society have found a strange black-matter egg in the brownstone. They call on Obsidian to help them identify it, but he doesn't respond. They decide to do some tests.

Quote1 You didn't think I'd come alone, did you? I brought everyone. Quote2
-- Wildcat (Ted Grant)

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Synopsis for "Bad Seed, Part One: Fresh Meat"

The Justice Society have found a strange black-matter egg in the brownstone. They call on Obsidian to help them identify it, but he doesn't respond. They decide to do some tests.

The All-American Kid, who is a descendant of one of the sidekicks of the original Mister America (from his "Americommando" period), has decided to join the Justice Society. Mister America is supportive, but All-American Kid will be sharing his room with the other new member, King Chimera. The two new members look set to not get on at all.

Green Lantern's tests show up something shocking - the egg is Obsidian, somehow reduced. They have to stop the testing since his powers are detrimental to Obsidian's shadow-form. Mister Terrific takes over the research, just as the low-level villain Tapeworm appears on the news, taking hostages and demanding that Wildcat show himself. All-American Kid and King Chimera must remain in the brownstone, Mister Terrific retreats to his lab, and the rest of the team leaves to help Wildcat.

At the site on the news, Wildcat goes in first to distract the villain whle Flash rescues all the hostages. The heroes reveal themselves, but Tapeworm has a surprise - he is part of a small army of villains, who were expecting the Justice Society to arrive. The two groups clash, but something is wrong - specific villains are targetting specific heroes in the melee. What is more, all he villains are avoiding Stargirl.

At the brownstone, All-American Kid is being controlled by some outside force. He goes into the lab and stabs Mister America in the back. As he lies bleeding, Stargirl wonders if this is the day the Justce Society dies...


  • One of the books on King Chimera's bed is a "Fables Companion". This is probably a reference to the last big project of the two writers - Fables.


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