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""The Next Age (Part III of IV)"": At JSA headquarters, Stargirl assists Maxine Hunkel with putting together a new outfit for herself, as well as a new code-name. After turning down names such as Hurricane, Red Hurricane, Cyclone Kid and Zephyr, she decides to call herself Cyclone.

Quote1 Our leader calls you the Cockroach, Hawkman. You always come back. Try not to do it so soon this time. Quote2
-- Captain Nazi

Appearing in "The Next Age (Part III of IV)"

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Synopsis for "The Next Age (Part III of IV)"

At JSA headquarters, Stargirl assists Maxine Hunkel with putting together a new outfit for herself, as well as a new code-name. After turning down names such as Hurricane, Red Hurricane, Cyclone Kid and Zephyr, she decides to call herself Cyclone.

In Franklin County, Ohio, the Fourth Reich continues to massacre members of the Heywood family. Baroness Blitzkrieg uses her super-speed to run through a fleeing woman, cutting her in half. Swastika prepares to murder a small girl, but Hawkman smashes him across the side of the face with his mace. He then hurls a throwing star into the back of Blitzkrieg's knee, causing her to trip and fall. Reichsmark grabs Nate Heywood's mother and uses his powers to partially transform her into solid steel. Nate tries to protect her by beating Reichsmark across the back with his crutch. The Nazi turns around and Nate shoves the crutch into his mouth. Liquid steel begins pouring from Reichsmark's mouth covering Nathan's body. Hawkman leaps down atop Reichsmark, kicking him in the back of the head, saving Nate from further damage. Captain Nazi picks up a statue of Nate's cousin, the deceased hero known as Steel, and uses it to batter Hawkman into the ground. Satisfied with their work, the Fourth Reich vacates the scene.

When Hawkman revives, he has Nathan Heywood transferred to the medical bay at JSA headquarters. Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific are at a loss to explain his condition, other than to say that Nate's body appears to be absorbing the molten metal directly into his skin.

The team gathers for an emergency meeting, and the Sandman reveals that he has had a nightmare relating to recent events. He brings to light the recent deaths of the heroes known as General Glory and the Minute Man. The Fourth Reich murdered them because of their affiliation with Golden Age legacy heroes. They were also secretly behind the murder of Trey Thompson, the modern-era Mister America. Sandman informs the team that the original Liberty Belle and S.T.R.I.P.E. are the Reich's next targets.

The Fourth Reich meanwhile continues to track down retired heroes. Captain Nazi attacks Libby Lawrence at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, while Baroness Blitzkrieg and White Dragon attack Pat and Mike Dugan in Blue Valley.

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, Ted Grant continues to have a heart-to-heart discussion with his son, Tom Bronson. The two share a beer, and Ted tells him about the death of his other son, Jake. Soon after Ted leaves, the immortal villain Vandal Savage enters Tom Bronson’s brownstone. He reveals himself as the secret mastermind behind recent events and prepares to kill Tom. Fortunately, Tom harbors a secret of his own. His eyes begin to glow as he transforms into a giant black were-cat and leaps at Vandal Savage.


  • This book was first published on February 7, 2007.
  • This issue is the first full appearance of Sanderson Hawkins in the guise of the Sandman.
  • This issue reveals the deaths of General Glory and Minute Man. Both men were executed by the Fourth Reich due to their connection to Golden Age era heroes. Their deaths take place off-panel.
Justice Society of America v.3 3B

Justice Society #3; Variant cover; illustration by Dale Eaglesham

  • Stargirl makes reference to Icicle in this issue. Icicle was the name of two different characters who have acted as foils against the Justice Society over the years.
  • References are made to the Yellow Wasp in this issue. The Yellow Wasp was a Golden Age foe of the Wildcat, whose own son, the Killer Wasp abducted and murdered Wildcat's son, Jake.


  • A statue of Nathan Heywood's father, Commander Steel, can be seen at the Heywood family reunion massacre.
  • During a team meeting, Starman blurts out the number, "52". This is in reference to an event that took place in the 52 weekly comic book series of 2006-07.
  • The molten steel that comprises Reichsmark's body is the same substance that once lined the exo-skeleton of Commander Steel.

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