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Justice Society of America Vol 3 39


Justice Society of America Vol 3 39

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"Fatherland, Chapter Four: Our Last Best Hope": Mister Terrific leads an all-out assault of future-Earth’s remaining heroes (and villains) to destroy the Darkness Machine.

Quote1 It’s no use gentlemen. We’ve tried everything but he’s gone. Mister Terrific is dead. Quote2
-- Doctor Mid-Nite

Appearing in "Fatherland, Chapter Four: Our Last Best Hope"

Featured Characters:

  • (Future)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • (Future)
  • (Present)




Synopsis for "Fatherland, Chapter Four: Our Last Best Hope"

Mister Terrific leads an all-out assault of future-Earth’s remaining heroes (and villains) to destroy the Darkness Machine.


  • This story takes place Twenty Years in the future.
  • Unidentified characters:


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