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Justice Society of America Vol 3 4


Justice Society of America Vol 3 4

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""The Next Age (Part IV of IV)"": In Brooklyn, Tom Bronson turns into a were-cat and leaps at Vandal Savage. Savage brags that he will guide the flow of history by eliminating those who fall under the shadow of the Justice Society. Tom makes a few wisecracks and deftly avoids Savage's blade.

Quote1 I've skinned and dismembered hundreds of thousands of animals. So show me, boy. Is the son of the great Wildcat a coward -- or a lion? Quote2
-- Vandal Savage

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Synopsis for "The Next Age (Part IV of IV)"

In Brooklyn, Tom Bronson turns into a were-cat and leaps at Vandal Savage. Savage brags that he will guide the flow of history by eliminating those who fall under the shadow of the Justice Society. Tom makes a few wisecracks and deftly avoids Savage's blade.

In Blue Valley, Nebraska, Flash, Cyclone, Stargirl, Starman and Power Girl fight up against Baroness Blitzkrieg and White Dragon of the Fourth Reich. Stargirl saves her stepfather Pat Dugan, as well her stepbrother, Mike. Cyclone uses her powers to control the fires raging through the city streets while the Flash deals with Baroness Blitzkrieg.

In Philadelphia, Captain Nazi and Reichsmark attack Independence Hall and prepares to kill Libby Lawrence, the original Liberty Belle. Hawkman, Green Lantern, Hourman, Damage and Libby's daughter, the current Liberty Belle arrive to save her. Damage unleashes a massive bomb-blast, which greatly injures Jesse. Hourman pulls her to safety and chastises Damage for his carelessness.

Back in Brooklyn, Tom and Vandal Savage continue fighting one another. Wildcat shows up to lend a hand and is astonished to see that his son is now a literal "wildcat". A gas line is ruptured and Tom's apartment explodes. The three combatants carry their struggle out into the street. Ted maneuvers Savage into the path of an oncoming firetruck that runs him over.

In Blue Valley, Flash defeats the Baroness and Power Girl clobbers White Dragon. Simultaneously, the other members of the JSA defeat Captain Nazi and Reichsmark in Philadelphia. After the struggle, Hourman discovers that Damage wears a mask to hide his severe facial scarring.

After everything settles down, everybody returns to JSA Headquarters in Battery Park. Ted introduces his son as the new "Wildcat". Green Lantern and Hawkman nominate Power Girl as the new JSA chairperson.

Later, Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific check on Nathan Heywood's status. Mid-Nite shows Terrific that Heywood's leg is now laced with the same steel that was once used by his grandfather, Commander Steel.

In Richmond, Virginia, F.B.I. agent Jeff Graves mourns the passing of his colleague, Trey Thompson. Graves was the only other man alive that knew that Thompson doubled as the mystery man, Mister America. Graves pulls a domino mask out of a box of Trey's personal affects and puts it on.

In Gotham City, chaos erupts at Arkham Asylum. Patients in bright costumes attack the hospital staff, and Doctor Destiny leaves his cell to visit another patient - Dream Girl.


Justice Society of America v.3 4B

Justice Society #4; Variant cover; illustration by Dale Eaglesham

  • The background characters seen at Arkham Asylum at the end of this issue are members of the Legion of Super-Villains. Their presence here is uncommon as they typically operate in the 30th/31st century. Dream Girl made a cameo appearance in the epilogue in issue #1.
  • Jeff Graves appeared last in Justice Society of America (Volume 3) #1. His colleague, Trey Thompson, was brutally murdered by Catalyst in issue #2.
  • Although Tom Bronson assumes the name of Wildcat in this issue, he actually first appeared in his were-cat form at the end of issue #3.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Damage Control".

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