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Justice Society of America Vol 3 43


Justice Society of America Vol 3 43

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"The Dark Things, Epilogue: Emerald City": Green Lantern (Alan Scott) shows Obsidian around the new Starheart City that is flourishing on Earth's Moon. They also discuss how Obsidian will

Quote1 Don't worry son. Everything's going to be fine. Look... Look what the Starheart has made! Quote2
-- Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Appearing in "The Dark Things, Epilogue: Emerald City"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Dark Things, Epilogue: Emerald City"

Green Lantern (Alan Scott) shows Obsidian around the new Starheart City that is flourishing on Earth's Moon. They also discuss how Obsidian will never be able to come within a half-mile of his sister, Jade or else it will cause various different disasters that have been foreseen thanks to Doctor Fate.


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