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Justice Society of America Vol 3 49


Justice Society of America Vol 3 49

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"Supertown, Conclusion": Scythe has the Flash on the ropes. The Flash makes a last, desperate strike for Scythe's throat, which buys him enough time to get free. At that moment, three more heroes, and the four heroes team up against Scythe.

Quote1 It's over. No witty line. No trial. No mercy. Quote2
-- Green Lantern

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Synopsis for "Supertown, Conclusion"

Scythe has the Flash on the ropes. The Flash makes a last, desperate strike for Scythe's throat, which buys him enough time to get free. At that moment, three more heroes, and the four heroes team up against Scythe.

Meanwhile, Doctor Chaos has to deal with a change in the odds as he takes on the JSA All-Stars and a coalition of super heroes who were drawn to the city by the news that they were needed. Doctor Chaos threatens to kill people with his microbombs, but the heroes are unfazed - the just have to distract him enough that he can't use any of his remote detonators while Power Girl and Jesse Quick race around the city defusing the bombs.

Back on the outskirts, the fight against Scythe takes a turn for the worse - until Green Lantern descends from the sky, seemingly re-empowered.

Back in the city, Senator Eagin and his underling, Councilman Hogan, are disheartened by the state of the fight in the city. Bringing in Doctor Chaos was supposed to chase out the heroes, but it has had the opposite effect. Eagin makes an oblique reference to "federal incompetence" that he is beholden to, then demands that Hogan ensure the next mayor get the costumes out of Monument Point. If he refuses, he will lose his pension.

Back outside the city, Green Lantern has managed to subdue Scythe, and is about to kill him, when the Flash steps in. Green Lantern mentions that they could have killed the child decades ago, when they were supposed to, and the Flash responds that they were right to make the choice they did then. Scythe deserves to live. Green Lantern does not respond, but he leaves Scythe and walks away.

Back in the city, Doctor Chaos is demonstrating his uncanny dodging ability, mowing through five heroes in under three seconds, while monologuing. However, he also demonstrates his human-level durability and weakness against Kryptonian fists. Specifically, Power Girl's.

With both battles over, the heroes regroup. Flash thanks everyone for helping out. They respond that they want to stay and help. And so the heroes stay to rebuild the city.

There are still problems. Flash and Obsidian are worried about what Green lantern's new lease on life will mean for the malevolent Starheart entity on the far side of the Moon; Doctor Mid-Nite is unsure if Lightning will ever truly live again; Mister Terrific still has his slowly decelerating brain to worry about. And Senator Eagin still wants the heroes out of Monument Point. But that will be difficult. Dennis Hogan just appointed the Flash as the new Mayor of Monument Point...


  • This book was first published on March 30, 2011.
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