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Justice Society of America Vol 3 9


Justice Society of America Vol 3 9

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"Thy Kingdom Come (Prologue)": Power Girl has a dream where she sees herself standing at the grave of her cousin – the Superman of an alternate reality known as Earth-Two. Superman lost his life over a year ago during an event known as Infinite Crisis. She awak

Quote1 My name is Power Girl. I'm the last daughter of the Multiverse. Quote2
-- Power Girl

Appearing in "Thy Kingdom Come (Prologue)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Goth (Final appearance) (Deceased)

Other Characters:




  • None

Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Prologue)"

Power Girl has a dream where she sees herself standing at the grave of her cousin – the Superman of an alternate reality known as Earth-Two. Superman lost his life over a year ago during an event known as Infinite Crisis. She awakens with a start and contemplates her identity.

Later, the JSA meet up at a firehouse in Brooklyn which is hosting a charity drive for orphaned children. The JSA team members spend the morning cooking breakfast and entertaining the orphans. Green Lantern donates a new fire engine to the company as a means of apologizing for destroying one during one of the JSA's most recent battles. Citizen Steel finds himself bearing the burden of chores however and is charged with making pancakes for all of the children, including his many nieces and nephews.

After breakfast, everyone goes outside to watch an exhibition boxing match between Wildcat (Ted Grant), and his son, the feral Tom Bronson. Although Tom is faster and stronger than his father is, he does not have the skills needed to defeat him in the ring.

As the fight concludes, the fire alarm sounds, and the fighters scurry to respond. The JSA accompanies them to the scene of a massive blaze at a paint factory. They quickly discern that the damage is a result of arson. Further, they find the deceased body of a young super-villain, Goth, lying facedown on a gantry. Goth's body is producing a bizarre surge of energy that disrupts Alan's power ring, and weakens Power Girl's invulnerability. They determine that the presence of the dead villain is prone to cause more damage than the actual fire. Starman tells the others that he can open up a black hole and pitch Goth's body inside. The other team members clear the area, allowing Starman room to work. He opens a black hole above the building, which swallows Goth and his energy discharge. It even succeeds in putting the fire out before closing down upon itself. Exhausted, Starman falls to the floor. The JSA enter the building to find him, but as the smoke clears, they see a man dressed similarly to Superman carrying Starman's unconscious body. Superman looks confused and asks, "Where am I?"


  • This book was first published on September 12, 2007.
  • Includes a house ad for the Superman: Doomsday animated movie.
  • Goth is a supernatural villain who once fought up against the Titans. He first appeared in Titans #3.
  • One of the children in this issue makes reference to an incident wherein Damage destroyed a section of Atlanta, Georiga. This took place in Damage #1.


  • Editor Michael Siglain makes a cameo appearance as a fire fighter in this issue.
  • As the JSA enters the five-alarm blaze, Starman is seen carrying a small pail of water with him.

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