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Kai-Ro is Sector 2814's Green Lantern as seen in the Batman Beyond future. He is a member of the Justice League Unlimited. His name is a reference to Kairo,
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Kai-Ro is the youngest member of the Justice League Unlimited, yet he is the wisest. His main weapon is his Power Ring. Kai-Ro was raised by Buddhist monks and believes in none violence but only fights when the situation demands it.

Kai-Ro was among the members of the league to go and defeat Matter Master. Batman quickly arrives and knocked Kai-Ro out and took on the rest of the league. When Batman surrendered, Kai-Ro hit him with an energy blast as revenge and then teamed up with Batman and the league to defeat Matter Master. They defeated him and Batman accepted their offer to join the league.



Green Lantern Power Battery



Oath unknown.


  • Kai-Ro is based on Kai-Ro from the DCAU.


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