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Superman is the last son of Krypton, sent as the dying planet's last hope to Earth, where he grew to become its protector.


Baby Kal-El's escape from a dying planet

Baby Kal-El's escape from a dying planet

Kal-El was born on Krypton to Jor-El and Lara. After Jor-El discovered that the planet was doomed to destruction, he attempted to escape with his family into the Phantom Zone, but was repelled by the criminals who had been imprisoned there. With no other choice, he and Lara resigned themselves to their fates, placing their son in a prototype evacuation rocket, activating its Brainiac intelligence, and sending it to a place with a yellow sun: Earth.[1]

The crash site was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who had just learned that they could not have children. Seeing this alien orphan as their chance, they gathered him up and took him home, leaving a stillborn calf in his place in the hopes of throwing the government off their trail.[2] They raised him as Clark Kent in Smallville, Kansas, teaching him their values. Eventually, Jonathan revealed Clark's true parentage to him, but left it to him to decide what it would mean. On the night of his prom, however, they were both killed in a car accident.[3] After their funerals, Clark sold Kent Farm to a neighbour, and moved to Metropolis to become a journalist.[4]

Superman and the Men of Steel

Upon moving to Metropolis, Clark took a job at the Daily Star, and prepared himself to act as a vigilante by having several shirts printed with the S-Symbol that had come to Earth with him emblazoned on them. His attempt to rescue a young boy caused him to reveal himself before he expected to, and the city came to know of the superhuman man.[5] Within six months, he had fully revealed himself, and was targeting corrupt businessman Glen Glenmorgan when General Sam Lane and Lex Luthor took an interest in him. They staged several emergencies to trap him, finally succeeding with a train crash that endangered the General's own daughter Lois. As it happened, Luthor and Glenmorgan shared a common business partner in this endeavour.[6] In collaboration with the military, Luthor tortured Superman while his Kryptonian Rocket was studied. Upon his escape, Superman discovered it and sealed it away for protection, but too late to prevent its Kryptonian signal from alerting the Collector of Worlds to its location - and unaware that Luthor was complicit in making that happen.[7]

After returning to civilian life, Clark found himself under investigation by the police, who had come to believe that his attempts to expose Glenmorgan's corruption as a journalist linked him to the Superman. They found nothing, but Clark's landlady, Mrs. Nyxly, had discovered his Superman outfit in the meantime and hidden it from them. Meanwhile, Superman's actions against Glenmorgan - who owned the media - had pegged him as a monster from space. Clark had an informant in his crusade against Glenmorgan called "Icarus", who warned him of a plan to replace the current rail system with a shoddier system made at a place called the Factory for Tomorrow. While Clark was there investigating, the robots meant to become subway cars transformed into Terminauts - designed by the Collector of Worlds to preserve significant artifacts from planets soon to be destroyed.[8] Protecting citizens from the Terminauts as Superman, Clark eventually discovered that John Corben had donned the Steel Soldier armor, which in turn had been subsumed by the alien intelligence that controlled the Terminauts - and their battle distracted him enough to prevent him from noticing that the entire neighbourhood of New Troy had been sealed in a bottle, and taken up into space.[9]

Superman made a giant leap from Metropolis into outer space, catching hold of the retreating space-ship. He was caught, though, by the ship's defences. Hearing the sound of a Metropolis radio broadcast from within the ship, Superman found his way to the room in which all of the bottled cities and artifacts were kept. The Collector tried to force Superman to choose between the lives of those in the city of Kandor and of New Troy, but he refused to choose, instead donning a Kryptonian suit of armour from one of the bottles, and promising to protect both.[10] Using the miniaturized Kryptonian Rocket, recovered from within New Troy, Superman trapped the Collector within a Sunstone matrix, and returned the city to its rightful place, before adopting the Collector's ship as a home base. After returning to Earth, he came out officially to the people of Metroplis as an alien, and promised to remain on the side of good.[11]

Cross World

Early in their careers, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne met in Gotham City while Clark was investigating murders of Wayne Enterprises employees. Unaware of each other's identities, they met each other later as Superman and Batman, and distrusted each other. They were soon, however, whisked away to a parallel universe by Kaiyo, the Trickster. There, they encountered older, more competent versions of themselves.[12] Kaiyo revealed the nature of Darkseid to them all, and explained that the other world's Batman had been harbouring a dangerous weapon in the form of a Chaos Shard, which came from a much larger crystal that the US Government had been keeping hidden. Kaiyo believed that this shard would be all that could save either world from Darkseid.[13] The Batmen and Supermen of both worlds fought over the crystal until it was destroyed. With this outcome, Kaiyo determined that only Clark's world would survive, and took up residence there, wiping the memories of all involved.[14]

Justice League

The Justice League is formed.

The Justice League is formed.

Superman had his first encounter with Batman and Green Lantern after they'd pursued a Parademon to Metropolis.[15] He assumed they were villains because they had a Father Box, overpowering both of them, even after Green Lantern called the Flash for help. Batman convinced them all to team up, but they were too late to stop the Father Box opening a Boom Tube to Apokolips.[16] The four of them were forced to battle an army of invading Parademons, but they were fortunate to receive assistance from Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg - the last of whom had just assimilated the Father Box technology into his cybernetic body.[17] Their resistance attracted the attention of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, who came to fight them personally.[18] Darkseid incapacitated Superman with an Omega Blast, and the Parademons carried him off to Apokolips. Batman followed to rescue him while the rest of the group remained to battle Darkseid.[19] Superman was tortured by Desaad and Steppenwolf until Batman managed to save him. They returned to Earth and Superman punched Darkseid back through the Boom Tube as Cyborg closed it. The heroes were congratulated by the President for saving the planet, and they decided that they ought to become a team. historian David Graves would later call them the Justice League.[20]


Having been hired by a mysterious man, Maxim Zarvo, hunter of dangerous game, researched rumours of the the so-called "Mid-west Superman" in Kansas, where he heard accounts centred around two farms - the Kent Farm and the Blake Farm. Superman, meanwhile, met with the newly formed Justice League to discuss the scope of their work, but was disappointed to learn that they would rather have dealt with intergalactic threats to the planet than issues like poverty. While visiting with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, Clark learned that Lois had been keeping a scrap book of early Superman sightings which included things he wasn't involved with - suggesting someone else predated him. On the way back to work at the Daily Star, they found Angus Grundig attempting to bomb the building and in his attempt to stop it as himself, Clark faked his own death in the explosion. He returned to his apartment as Superman to find Zarov sneaking around, his appearance disproved Zarov's theory that Clark and Superman were the same person.[21] In the meantime, Clark took the alias of Johnny Clark and joined the fire department. Still he began to regret killing Clark Kent off, and sought advice from Batman, who promised to deal with it.

Superman later consulted with the Brainiac intelligence in his base, wondering why so many alien attacks had been happening of late. The computer warned of a threat called the Multitude, an unstoppable force, which had, somehow, been stopped by Jor-El, once before on Krypton. Upon returning to Earth, Superman found that Lois and her niece Susie had been attacked by Captain Comet, the superhuman known as the Blake Farm Ghost, who had predated Superman. Comet warned that humanity was soon to go extinct as a result of Earth's being targeted by several interstellar agencies. Susie, whom he claimed was a super-human neo-sapian, was the only one he cared to spare.[22] Superman managed to fight him off, but in the process, caused his Johnny Clark identity to be thought dead as well. After saving Lois' life, he returned home, where Batman met with him to explain that it would be better if Clark Kent lived on. Unfortunately, because everyone thought he was dead, Mrs. Nyxly had no alternative but to use up one of her three wishes - a concept completely alien to Clark - to erase his death from the collective conscious. She explained that she was from the Fifth Dimension, and that everything bad that ever happened in Clark's life was the doing of someone else from her home.[23] She showed him her true face, and then explained that Lord Vyndktvx, from her home Dimension had attacked Clark at multiple points in his history, to the point that certain memories he had might have happened otherwise before those attacks. [24]

At the End of Days

Mrs. Nyxly, explained the truth about herself and the enemy attacking Superman throughout his entire life. Vyndktvx had been the court magician in the Fifth Dimensional Kingdom of Zrfff, but found himself replaced by a more charismatic Mister Mxyzptlk, who won the princess Nyxlygsptlnz's heart, and excited the king with stories of his battles of wits with the Superman of Earth - the only one of his victims who had ever been able to trick him. Driven to jealousy, Vyndktvx attempted to kill his rival, but killed the King by accident. Rather than face imprisonment, he opted to take revenge on Superman while the princess escaped to Earth. After revealing her true nature, though, Mrs. Nyxly was shot dead by Maxim Zarov.[24]

Meanwhile, Superman's impending death at the hands of Vyndktvx and the Anti-Superman Army caused a future in which Universo controlled the United Planets, and the Legion of Super-Heroes became fugitives. The Legionnaires used a Time Bubble to try to follow Vyndktvx's attacks through time and save Superman's life.[25] Having failed to save the Kents from being killed in a car accident, they recruited Superman - five years into his career - to help them stop the theft of the Kryptonite Engine from the rocket that brought him to earth. They were unaware that Vndyktvx had had Maxim Zarov shoot Superman in the head with a teleport rifle just prior to their arrival.[26] The Anti-Superman Army then went back in time and stole the Kryptonite Engine before Superman and the Legionnaires could stop them.[27] When they arrived, they were attacked by Erik Drekken, from whom Saturn Woman was able to read the location of the Kryptonite. It was inside Superman's brain, thanks to the teleport bullet. The Legionnaires entered Superman's brain and took back the Kryptonite, while Superman used the radiation it created to keep the rocket powered, and prevent the Collector from regaining control of his ship.[28]

Some time later, Xa-Du, a prisoner of the Phantom Zone escaped into the Fortress of Solitude, and trapped Superman within it in his place. By coincidence, this reunited Superman with his childhood dog Krypto. With some help from the Phantom Stranger, he was able to put Xa-Du back in the Zone and escape with Krypto.[29] Moments after defeating Xa-Du, Superman was visited by Saturn Woman, who warned him that the time had come to finally face the threat of the Multitude.[26] Meanwhile, Vyndktvx recruited Xa-Du into his army.[29]Hearing the cries for help from Earth, Superman travelled to Mars to stop an attack on a terraforming colony by Metaleks. This proved easy enough, but the Multitude - embodied by a horde of angels - was on its way. After facing them alone, he knew he could not succeed, but he remembered that the Multitudes Fifth Dimensional origin would mean that he had to attack it all at once. Using the planet's terraforming array, he electrocuted the Multitude in its entirety, and it withdrew. Angry at being thwarted a second time by a member of the House of El, Vyndktvx revealed himself and killed the Mars colonists.[30]

The Anti-Superman Army's attack dragged Superman from Mars back to Earth, and upon his return, he warned Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to go and find the human embodiment of Mxyzptlk at Metropolis General Hospital. Upon their arrival at the hospital, Lois and Jimmy couldn't find a way to wake him from his coma, but were surprised when the Legionnaires arrived to help.[26] Superman, meanwhile, received help in his battle from Krypto, the Wanderers, and even Lex Luthor before he was overwhelmed by the strength of the monster Superdoom, whom Vyndktvx had recruited from another universe entirely.[24] In the monster's grip, Superman called out to Vyndktvx that while for a Fifth Dimensional being, all of this had been one attack, for him it had been spread out over a lifetime, and it had given him the chance to learn his enemy's weaknesses. Using a telepathic connection set up by Lois' niece Susie, he convinced everyone in the world to say their own names backwards. The sound of this five-dimensional utterance caused Vyndktvx to retreat to his own dimension, where he was immediately arrested.

Afterwards, Mrs. Nyxly appeared to Clark and revealed that she had escaped death by hiding in the 2-dimensional "S" on one of his T-shirts. She offered to use her third of three wishes to set right all that Vyndktvx had done wrong to his timeline, but Clark refused, choosing instead to move forward. He asked instead that she use it to bring the Mars colonists back to life. With all resolved, the Legion's timeline was restored, and Nyxly and Mxyzptlk, whom Saturn Woman helped to wake, were able to return to the Fifth Dimension and live happily ever after.[31]

What Price Tomorrow?

Five years after going public as Superman, Clark was forced to watch as the Daily Planet was bought out by Morgan Edge, merged with Galaxy Communications, and its old building destroyed and replaced by a newer, more technologically advanced one. Edge also restructured the Planet's reporting style to such a degree that Clark and Lois fought over it, and quit his job in a rage. His frustrations were compounded by discovering that Lois, whom he had romantic feelings for, was dating another man named Jon Carroll. Not to mention that several attacks by alien beings who seemed to speak Kryptonese heralded the return of Superman from an apparent absence, as Clark was forced to protect his city.[32]

As it turned out, they were not aliens at all, but humans possessed by some kind of technology. One of those possessed was Heather Kelley, whom Clark had dated at Lois' suggestion. Upon cornering the creatures, Superman demanded to know who created them, and they responded that he did.[33] The creatures overpowered him and assumed his appearance - freeing Heather and two others from their possession - and using it to kill under his guise. Displaced into outer-space, the real Superman used a psychic link to the duplicate and learned the origin of these creatures. They were nanobots, collected by the Collector of Worlds, and he had freed them when he attacked the Collector's ship to save Metropolis five years ago. Joining with his recently arrived cousin Kara, Superman returned to Earth and threw the nanobot duplicate into the sun, destroying it. Despite getting along well with Heather, when Clark visited her in the hospital later, she broke up with him because she sensed his romantic feelings for Lois.[34]

Secrets & Lies

Superman then found himself entangled with the alien Helspont, who sought to use him as a thrall in his plan to conquer earth and get revenge on the Daemonites who imprisoned him. Naturally, Superman rejected his offer and fought him off. While Superman's apparent tendency to attract threats to Metropolis began to alienate the city's citizens, Clark began to alienate his friends by forgetting his commitments to them thanks to the distraction those threats became.[35] Meanwhile, a blogger named Victor Barnes became convinced that Superman must have a secret identity, right at the same time that a super-powered woman named Anguish arrived in the city, naming Superman as her father. When Barnes went public with his story, naming Spence Becker as Superman's secret identity, Anguish targeted Becker's family. [36] After resolving Anguish's issues and proving Becker was not his secret identity, Clark attempted to make amends for forgetting to pick up Lois Lane's sister Lucy by taking her out to dinner at an expensive restaurant, but when a nuclear crisis occurred, he ditched her with the bill.[37] The incident involved an extradimensional being, captured by the Russian government. After resolving that creature's problems, Clark finally returned to Metropolis and made good on his promise to go bungee jumping with Lucy off of the Bogdanove bridge, proving he was not such a loser after all.[38]

H'El on Earth

Superman vs H'el

Superman vs H'el

Superman stopped the threat of a dragon-like creature that was creating havoc on Earth, but he was soon informed by Supergirl that the creature was of Kryptonian origin, which meant that somehow, Krypton must still exist.[39] Later, they were both confronted by another Kryptonian called H'el, who wanted to recruit them by force to join his unholy crusade of saving Krypton. After a brief fight in which Superboy was seriously injured, H'el left with the promise of sacrificing Earth if it was needed to save Krypton.[40] Superman took Superboy to the Fortress of Solitude, but they were viciously attacked by H'el, who took control of the place.[41] After learning that H'el wanted to use the Fortress to go back in time to save Krypton, Superman gathered the Justice League to fight H'el and prevent the destruction of the solar system.[42]

During the confrontation, H'el traps Superman into a pocket dimension, forcing Superboy to leave the fight in order to save Superman.[43] After a journey through several bizarre dimensions, Superman and Superboy returned to the Fortress,[44] but unfortunately they learned that Supergirl had joined H'el and they had moved the Fortress elsewhere in order to activate a machine that unleashed a large golden beam into the sky.[45] As the machine starts draining energy from the sun, Superman attacks H'el with help from Wonder Woman and Superboy.[46] The fight between Superman and H'el continued until Superboy destroyed H'el's machine and the battle was finished by Supergirl when she stabbed H'el with a shard of Kryptonite from the Fortress. Poisoned by the shard, H'el disappears into a time portal and with the threat gone, Superman took Supergirl to the Fortress so he could cure her Kryptonite poisoning.[47]


Superman prevented a space station from crashing into the Earth and found evidence that a cyber-terrorist group called Ascension was responsible for the "accident".[48] Investigating the group, Superman learns from General Sam Lane about a full armory of anti-Superman weaponry and an alien soldier with the same solar powers as Superman.[49] The alien's name was Wraith, and he had been working with the US Government to bring down terrorist. After learning about their common purposes, Superman and Wraith agreed to work together to stop Ascension.[50]

Superman confronts Wraith

Superman confronts Wraith

Superman and Wraith defeated a small faction os Ascension, but Superman was soon informed that Lois had gone missing in her research on Ascension.[51] Superman located Lois inside one of Ascension's submarines, but the terrorists started their final attack on Earth.[52] Superman rescued Lois, but Wraith turned against him in order to steal a piece of crystal technology known as Earthstone from Ascension. Superman defeated Wraith and prevented him from taking the Earthstone, before taking Lois to the Fortress to keep her safe. Unfortunately the Fortress was attacked by General Lane, who sought the crystal as well.[53] Superman defeated General Lane's forces with Lois' help and the Earthstone and went on to fight Wraith.[54] After a collosal battle, Superman defeated Wraith and not long after this, Lex Luthor informed him that Wraith's species were planning to attack Earth and the only weapon against them, would kill Superman.[55] Superman chose not to use the weapon and confronted the aliens without aid, but Wraith soon redeemed himself by using the weapon against his own species and killing himself in the process.[56]


Main article: Superman: Psi-War

The US Government became interested in investigating the Fortress of Solitude, but Superman refused to let them research Kryptonian history and technology.[57] Shortly after, Superman was attacked by the New God Orion,[58] but the misundestanding was soon cleared with Wonder Woman's help.[59]

As Clark Kent, he investigated urban myth called "the Twenty",[60] but not long after this, Superman discovered that Lois has fallen into a coma.[61] After this, an earthquake hit Metropolis and Superman learned the destruction was caused by metallic tentacles from Brainiac's technology. Before Superman could do anything, however, he was incapacitated by a psychic attack caused by the H.I.V.E. Queen, one of the Twenty.[62] Superman confronted the Queen, but he was unable to defeat her and she was only beaten by Hector Hammond. At that moment, Psycho Pirate arrived, seemingly knowing Superman's secret identity.[63] Psycho Pirate, a member of the Twenty, captured Superman and revealed that their plan was to prepare the world for Braniac's return. Superman was captured in an illusionary world, while the Twenty absorbed his energy.[64]

Meanwhile, Lois developed psychic powers and freed Superman, who then joined forces with Hammond and the H.I.V.E. Queen, to defeat Psyho Pirate. They succeeded, but Lois' returned to a coma after learning Superman's secret identity. It was then that Superman was pulled into outer space by an unknown force.[65]

Krypton Returns

Main article: Krypton Returns
Superman and Jor-El

Superman and Jor-El

While in outer space, Superman learned that H'El had survived and had managed to bring Krypton back to life. However, H'El also altered the timeline and they must stop him from destroying the universe. With the help of Faora, Superman travels to Kryptonopolis a few months before Krypton's destruction, where he meets his mother Lara.[66][67] Superman witnessed Lara telling Jor-El that she was pregnant, but then, Superman was confronted by a mysterious person who was aware about his travel in time.[68]

This stranger was in fact Jor-El, who came from one of the alternate futures created by H'El. Realizing he was the one who created H'El, Jor-El came to the past to stop H'El from conquering Krypton. Superman and Jor-El travelled to Krypton's core and fought H'El. At first, Jor-El wanted to kill H'El but Superman instead used H'El's own chronal powers against him and froze him with his super-breath, locking H'El in a state of eternal limbo. Superman and Supergirl were reunited in the present, but they learned that Superboy sacrificed his life to stop H'El. Mourning the loss of their friend, Superman and Supergirl returned to Earth.[69]

Parasite and Deamonites

Days later, Clark fought the Parasite as he tried to hurt Lois, who was still in a coma,[70] but after realizing that Parasite's attack would actually heal Lois, Superman allowed him to absorb Lois' energy until he collapsed from overload. Fortunately, Lois woke from her coma without any memory about Superman's secret identity.[71]

Not long after this, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen became roommates again and later, Superman went to the police precinct to interrogate a member of a criminal group who had previously ambushed Lois. At that moment, Starfire appeared on the precinct and warned Superman of a threat coming to Earth.[72] Together, Superman and Stafire killed several creatures known as the Daemonites, who are able to transform humans into their own species. Knowing that they can't defeat the super-heroes, the Daemonites decided to end their lives.[73]

Trinity War and Forever Evil

Main articles: Trinity War and Forever Evil

In the hopes of ridding the world of evil, Pandora tried to have members of the Justice League open Pandora's Box for her, believing that their virtuousness would prevent the calamity that occurred when she opened it.[74] Unbeknownst to her, a secret organization was using her as a pawn in a ploy to have the three Justice Leagues come into conflict. The leagues split up in order to discover their own solutions to the puzzle of Pandora's Box.[75] Around this time, Superman and Wonder Woman had started a serious relationship and they were together when Pandora reached Superman, seeking help. Unfortunately, Superman was unable to open the box as it caused him intense pain, which forced Pandora to shoot him before disappearing with the box.[76]

Superman is then informed about a new superhuman called Shazam and he tries to reach him, but an attack by Dr. Light on Wonder Woman distracts him and he kills Dr. Light with his heat vision.[77] Superman asked to be locked away for his outburst, but he started to get sick[78] and while he was in a cell, The Question informed him that a villain known as Doctor Psycho might be the real responsible for Dr. Light's death.[79] As it turns out, nobody framed Superman or controlled him to murder Dr. Light. Upon investigating further, Firestorm, Atom and Element Woman discover that there is Kryptonite in Superman's nervous system, which caused him to attack Dr. Light unintentionally.[80] Superman was eventually saved by Lex Luthor, who managed to remove the kryptonite from his system. Once recovered, Superman learned about the events that transcended while he was incapacitated and after a discussion with the Justice League, they reckoned that Darkseid's return was close.[81]

The Underground World

Superman and the beast from underground

Superman and the beast from underground

Superman became aware of a gigantic underground creature attacking Lana Lang and her crew while in South America. Soon, Superman learns that the creature is a sentient being and, after protecting it from military forces, he took it to the Fortress of Solitude, where it transformed into a humanoid child.[82] Superman learned the background of the child, whose name was Baka and they returned to South America, where they confronted other beasts like Baka in an underground land named Imperial Subterranea.[83] This confrontation lead the creatures to reach the surface, where they became larger beasts and caused the local forces to turn against them.[84] Superman realized that the military had planned to purge the entire area, and in order to save some of the harmless creatures, he sealed the entrance to the underground world.[85] Finally, Superman confronted the leader of the military forces and stopped her evil intentions of destruction.[86]


Main article: Superman: Doomed

Superman was warned by the Eradicator that he would destroy Earth and shortly after this, Superman learned about the destruction of an island in the Bahamas.[87] The responsible was Doomsday, who was then capable of killing anyone nearby thanks to a toxin inside his body. Superman confronted Doomsday and defeated the monster by ripping him in half and in order to prevent Doomsday's toxin from spreading into the atmosphere, Superman inhaled it all from Doomsday's corpse until he fell unconscious.[88]



After recovering, Superman realized that he was slowly turning into Doomsday-like creature.[89] Superman's partner, Wonder Woman tried to help him, but the transformation was becoming stronger[90] and Superman had no choice but to turn himself to the authorities.[91] Superman was locked in a special facility, but he soon was needed by the Teen Titans to defeat an enemy, which he eliminates ruthlessly. Aware of his actions, Superman leaves everything behind.[92]

The military declared Superman an enemy of the state and they sent Metallo and Atomic Skull to eliminate Superman. Steel tried to help Superman fight the enemies, but after a suicide attack with kryptonite by Metallo, Superman became weak and his transformation into "SuperDoom" was accelerated.[93] After a failed attempt to get help, Womder Woman took Superman to the outer space, where he regained control of his actions and tried to leave Earth for good until he was stopped by Red Lanterns. Wonder Woman intervened and Superman was allowed to leave.[94]

While in space, SuperDoom tried to help an alien colony, but he lost control and attacked their leader.[95] He was then warned about an incoming invasion of Earth by Braniac's forces and he confronted its commander, a cyborg with Superman's appearance.[96] After a brief fight between them, SuperDoom joined the Justice League on Earth to fight Braniac's forces and after their victory, the Justice League remove the kryptonite from Earth's atmosphere, making SuperDoom change back to Superman. However, the Cyborg Superman had created a portal that would allow Braniac's mothership to reach Earth.[97][98]

Wonder Woman and SuperDoom fight Braniac

Wonder Woman and SuperDoom fight Braniac

Superman and Martian Manhunter managed to push the mothership away from Earth[99] and finally, Superman decided to release SuperDoom and let it take over his body in order to destroy Braniac's mothersip once and for all. Unfortunately, SuperDoom took absolute control and Superman was no longer in control of his body.[100] In an attempt to save himself, Brainiac brought back Superman's control of his body and tried to convince him to let him get the absolute power to bend reality. However, Lois helped Superman steal Braniac's powers and Superman was finally able to cure himself from the Doomsday virus. Once free, Superman captured Braniac and took him inside a black hole.[101]

After being gone for sixty days, Superman finally returned to Earth.[102] Once back, he was reunited with Wonder Woman and when their previous misunderstandings were cleared, they restarted their relationship.[103]

Men of Tomorrow

During an alien attack on Metropolis, Superman was assisted by a stranger called Ulysses and together they defeated Klerik, one of the alien soldiers. Superman then learned that Ulysses believed himself the last survivor of Earth.[104] With Superman's help, Ulysses found the truth about his past,[105] but they were soon confronted by "The Machinist", a man responsible for creating destructive robots.[106]
Superman and Ulysses

Superman and Ulysses
The criminal managed to escape and shortly afterwards, Ulysses revealed his plan of taking millions of people to his home planet, "The Great World" in order to save mankind from what he believes is Earth's doom.[107] This lead to a confrontation between Superman and Ulysses, with the latter winning and taking Superman prisoner.[108]

On their way to Ulysses' home planet, there is another confrontation between Superman and Ulysses[109] and the fight reaches Metropolis, where Superman unleashes a new power: a super flare of solar energy, beating Ulysses for good. Unfortunately, the solar flare drains his powers for a day, leaving him as a normal human. It was during this time that Superman revealed his secret identity to Jimmy Olsen.[110] At first, Jimmy has trouble believing Clark's secret, as Clark has not demonstrated his powers to him, but later acknowledges his friend is telling the truth after seeing him risk his life to convince a mugger to turn himself in to the police and then regaining his powers.[111] While Clark was depowered, he was slightly injured and this was noticed by Lois Lane.[112]


Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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Last Days of Superman

Certain day, a man claiming to be Clark Kent appeared and created chaos in Metropolis as he turned into a solar man version of Superman. Superman and Wonder Woman took him to Stryker's Island, to prevent further destruction.[113] Aferwards, Superman and Batman started looking for people that could eventually replace Superman, as he was dying from Kryptonite poisoning after his battle with Vandal Savage.[114] As part of his legacy, Superman told the whole truth to Lois Lane and asked her to publish everything in the Daily Planet in order to have his history and identity revealed to the world before his death.[115] Later, Batman gave Superman the location of Supergirl and after talking to her about his eventual death, they both travelled to the Fortress of Solitude, where Wonder Woman was waiting for him.[116] Superman told the truth to Diana, and they shared a moment before they were needed back in Metropolis, where the "Energy Superman" had escaped Stryker Island and was destroying everything.[117]

While Supergirl was left to contain the Energy Superman; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman travelled to China, looking for a possible cure for Superman, which turned out to be non-existent.[118] At their return, they learned that the Energy Superman had defeated Supergirl and was looking to eliminate Superman for impersonating him. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman found the Energy doppelganger in California, where he was attacking another Superman, who wore a black suit and had a grown beard.[119] The superhero Trinity tried to stop the Energy Superman and they were assisted by the "Black Superman", who chose to remain unidentified for the time being. Superman took the Energy Superman to space, where he used his solar flare power to finish the threat and the Energy Superman evaporated in the cosmos. Superman's body fell down to Earth and as he was surrounded by his friends, he asked the "Black Superman" to take his mantle and become the New Superman of Earth. After this, Superman's body turned to ashes and he died.[120]



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Superman Family member
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This character is or was a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats.
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