The Longest Night

Kal-El, or Clark Kent, was a Superhero on Earth when it was invaded by the Malazza-Rem, a group of space bandits who came to terrorize the planet. He and the Super Seven were fighting them off very well when their leader declared that 1,000 civilians would be killed every time they saw a Meta-Human, and five thousand more if any were to try to fight back. In an attempt to save themselves, the humans rebelled against the Meta-Humans, causing most to flee the planet. Clark, however remained on earth under the name Clark Small. He then worked on a farm for ten years until he is found by Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang, who deliver him a letter from Lois Lane, revealing that she is alive. This inspired Clark to become Superman again. He and Jimmy then flee the facility and are found by Wonder Woman. The three then set out to gain the help of Batman, who harshly turns them down. Wonder Woman then suggests that they go to the destroyed Coast City. There they find Hal Jordan (Super Seven) being attacked by some Malazza-Rem. He agrees to join them, and Batman, who had been tracking them joined as well. In Coast City, they meet a young Meta-Human who claims to be Superman, and they turn him away. They then travel to Seattle, Washington to approach Wally West, whose legs were nearly destroyed ten years earlier. They recruit him to their cause and head to Metropolis through the Rocky Mountains where they find that Superboy has destroyed the Malazza-Rem base there and let some escape. Clark then allows him to stay so that they can monitor his activities. They reach the resistance base in Metropolis and are greeted by Metallex, who tells Clark that if they are to save the planet, they must overlook their differences. Superboy coins the name, Super Seven, and they prepare to fight the Malazza-Rem

Men of Steel

After training in an underground bunker, the Super Seven head out on their mission to rescue Lois Lane, but they are led into a trap, which costs them the life of Wonder Woman. Batman and Superboy are able to get aboard a Malazza-Rem ship and disable it, which allows Clark, Green Lantern, and Metallex to continue fighting. When the Flash is killed, Superman and Superboy then board the downed ship and try to take down the Malazza-Rem's leader, but with some Kryptonite that he stole from Metallex, he is able to kill Superman due to prolonged exposure to the mineral.



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