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Kal-El was an infant who survived the destruction of Krypton and sent to Earth. Upon landing in Kansas, he was founded by an Amish couple and raised under a pacifist upbringing while ignoring worldly affairs. As he developed his powers, Kal-El realized that there are evils in the world and that someday he cannot rely on others to stop it.

Unknown to Kal-El, his spaceship was salvaged by Lex Luthor, who then used the vessel's Kryptonian technology to advance his financial empire. Luthor even used traces of Kal-El's DNA from the ship to create dysfunctional superhuman clones and later grafting the Kryptonian DNA on Jimmy Olsen, who was transformed into a Kryptonian and consequently becoming insane, believing that humanity should be subjugated and replaced by Kryptonians. Jimmy orchestrated a plot in ridding Earth's heroes and metahumans, and ultimately coming into conflict with the Justice League of America.

Olsen's fight with the Justice League spread to Kal-El's Amish community, which forced Kal-El to intervene and revealing his Kryptonian powers. When Olsen tried to persuade Kal-El to join him, he refused which provoked Jimmy to murder Kal-El's adoptive parents in front of him. Kal-El engaged in a fierce battle against Jimmy, in which the fight causes Jimmy's body to becoming unstable and eventually disintegrate. Kal-El mourned the loss of his Amish parents and was taken comfort by Jonathan and Martha Kent, whom they helped him to come to terms with what had happened. Soon, Kal-El was able to move on and becoming a superhero referred by the public as Superman.

Kal-El joined the Justice League and helped inspired the public regaining their trust and confidence in the metahuman community. Despite his goodwill deeds, Kal-El felt ashamed for previously ignoring his responsibility to humanity. Furthermore, he chose to exile himself from the Amish community he was raised for fear of exposing them to further harm. To help him reconnect with humanity, the Kents tried to help him develop a civilian identity, but Lois Lane rejected their initial plan of a fake beard and dark glasses in favour of just simple glasses, reasoning that the beard gave the impression he had something to hide while the more casual glasses would stop anyone paying particular attention to him.



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