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Quote1 And now off the record, I ask you: as leader of the Legion -- and of the LSH Espionage Squad, respectively -- what can you do to stop Deregon? Quote2
-- Kandro Boltax src

When the previous (unnamed) President of Earth died in a car accident, Vice-President Kandro Boltax succeeded him, and brought in an entirely new cabinet. His first order of business was to outlaw the Legionnaires and had them arrested for violating a curfew. A judge sentenced several of the heroes to hard labor on Takron-Galtos, the prison planetoid.

Chameleon Boy and his Espionage Squad tried to free their captured teammates, and with the help of Rond Vidar, discovered that President Boltax was a disguised Universo. After capturing their foe, and when the imprisoned heroes on Takron-Galtos were freed, they found the real President, who was kidnapped and held captive during the ordeal. Kandro Boltax continued as commander-in-chief until President Marte Allon (Colossal Boy's mom) was elected to the office.

  • Was clean shaven when he took off, but grew a beard during his term.
  • According to darkmark's comics indexing domain, there are two different but similarly named Presidents, Boltax last appearing in Superboy #212, Kandru last appearing in Superboy and the LSH #258. Marte Allon first appears as President in LSH #271. Who's Who in the LSH #3 (p. 16) regards Kandro Boltax and Kandru (note the spelling) as one person; a clean-shaven caucasian is depicted. Note, however, that the Who's Who title was published in 1988, i.e. post-Crisis, and was supposed to bring some order into the Legion world, so the two presidents may well have been collapsed into one.
  • Another thing: Kandro Boltax first appears in Adventure Comics #359-362 (albeit as an Universo impersonation). Black-bearded Kandru (no other name recorded) indeed first appears in Superboy #228. It could be an oversight of the writers or of the indexers that they confused the similarly named characters.



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