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Kara Kent was the daughter of Kal-El/Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane Kent. She was born three years after her brother Joel, who unlike her brother was born with Kryptonian powers, though on a lesser scale than her father due to her hybrid parenting. When Kara was at age six, her mother Lois discovered that her powers were developing in that she was floating a few inches off the ground, which was scaring her for she didn't know at the time that she had those abilities. Lois gave Kara a red pendant that emitted red solar radiation that would allow her to stay on the ground, thus letting her have a normal childhood.

Eventually, she learned about her powers and how to use them, and took on the identity of Supergirl, wearing a black-haired wig to disguise her blond hair in that identity. She first teamed up with Bruce Wayne Jr. as Robin in 1964 and helped Wally West as Kid Flash take down Gorilla Grodd, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard in Central City.

She became a reporter for Galaxy Broadcasting in her adult years. She fell in love with Bruce Wayne Jr., the son of Bruce Wayne who became Batman when his former partner Dick Grayson, the previous Batman, was killed by the Joker, and worked together with him after they graduated from college as a superhero team.

They married in 1979, but their marriage was short-lived as Joel Kent appeared at the wedding in a green and purple battle suit, attacking her father Superman with intense Kryptonite radiation and blasting Supergirl away with a powerful energy pulse. Joel appeared unto Kara alone, shattering the battle suit with his restored powers to reveal himself as being her brother, and then got into a fight with her, saying that their father purposely exposed him to Gold Kryptonite for fear that he would have greater powers than Superman. Joel plunged his hand into Kara's chest and ripped her heart out, leaving her corpse in the rain for her grieving husband to find.


Superhuman strength and speed, the power of flight, invulnerability, various vision powers.

Strength level

About half the level of strength that her father possesses in a yellow-sun environment.


Kryptonite can still affect her, though it would take longer for its radiation to kill her. Red solar radiation can also cause her to lose her powers.


During her preteens, Kara wore a pendant made by her father that emitted red solar radiation that prevented her developing superhuman powers from accidental exposure without causing her permanent harm.

  • This version of Supergirl is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.
  • This version's use of a black-haired wig to disguise herself in her identity as Supergirl is the opposite of the pre-Crisis Earth-One's Kara Zor-El using a brown-haired wig to disguise herself in her identity as Linda Lee Danvers. The wig here is electro-statically bonded to her head via her bio-electrical aura, which can only be removed either when she lifts it up from her head from underneath or when she dies.



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