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Quote1 I might have not been here long, but I learned one thing: Everything you told me about humans is wrong. They're good people and they are worth defending. Quote2
-- Kara Kent src

Kara was born into the Kryptonian House of El family on the planet Krypton. As a teenager, she frequently witnessed her father Zor-El in disagreement with his brother Jor-El while she kept watch over her infant cousin, Kal. When the renegade military leader General Zod staged a coup against the reigning Kryptonian government, Jor-El realized that their home world's existence would soon end. Having already journeyed to the planet Earth years earlier, Jor-El placed baby Kal-El inside of a rocket ship and directed him towards Earth. Jor-El's Martian liaison John Jones sent young Kara inside of a similar vessel into exile and told her to keep an eye over her cousin. Kara left Krypton, having no idea that the planet of her birth would soon be destroyed.[1]

Kara's ship landed on Earth at approximately the same time as the first meteor shower. Her ship crashed in the lake outside of Reeve's Dam and Kara was placed into a state of suspended animation. She remained dormant for eighteen years, her body slowly absorbing Earth's yellow sunlight even from beneath the water. By this point in time, her "baby" cousin, was now fully grown and living on Earth under the human name Clark Kent. Clark had come into conflict with a “Bizarro” duplicate of himself and the two fought at Reeve’s Dam. The fight dislodged Kara’s ship, setting her free. Swimming to the surface, she found Lex Luthor drowning in the lake. She pulled him to shore, and though barely conscious, Lex was able to see the face of his savior.[2]

Kara quickly discovered that she had gained startling new powers under Earth's yellow sun. The first of her gifts was the ability to fly. She flew to the top of the Smallville water tower, before streaking off into the sky. Clark witnessed this spectacle and realized that there was now another Kryptonian in his life. When he told his friend Chloe Sullivan what he had seen, Chloe dubbed the mysterious Kryptonian "Supergirl".

Not realizing that she had spent so many years in suspended animation, Kara began scouring the town looking for baby Kal-El. Unlike Clark however, Kara did not feel the need to hide her powers in any way. Clark finally caught up with her and it was then that he realized that not only was this young woman from Krypton – she was also his cousin. Clark somberly revealed to Kara the fate that ultimately befell Krypton.

Inviting her into his home, Clark provided her with an Earth name Kara Kent and attempted to pass her off as his human cousin. He began training her in the use of her powers, paying particular attention to sensory based abilities such as super-hearing and heat vision.[1]


  • Kryptonian Physiology: As a native of the planet Krypton, Kara’s alien physiology grants her specific advantages as well as limitations. On a word revolving around a red sun such as Krypton, Kara’s physical capabilities are no more remarkable than that of the average human, and she does possess any superhuman powers. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from a yellow sun star system, stimulates her body’s physical properties, granting her various super-powers as listed below. All of Kara’s powers are dependent upon the proportionate amount of yellow sunlight that her body is capable of processing.
    • Energy Absorption: As indicated above, Kara’s body acts as a natural power battery, which can absorb ultraviolet radiation. Through a process similar to photosynthesis, her body channels the energy it absorbs, yielding a wide array of side-effects. Thus far, only yellow sunlight has been shown to grant her special abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: Upon absorbing sufficient amounts of ultraviolet radiation from a yellow sun, Kara’s body channels that energy to increase her physical strength to superhuman levels. Although the extent of Kara's strength has not been established Kara after emerging from suspended animation, her body absorbed enough solar radiation enabling her to perform various feats of strength, such as ripping the doors off of vehicles, and manhandling fully grown adults with little to no effort , ripping through solid steel doors, and crushing metals in her grip. Currently Kara has demonstrated that she is as strong as Clark if not stronger , she can lift at least 20 tons without harnessing extra solar radiation.
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Enhanced Senses
  • Flight
  • Invulnerability


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Smallville and its tie-in and comic book series, Smallville and Smallville Season 11. It is an adaptation of Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. The original character was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and first appeared in Action Comics #252.
  • Kara Zor-El was portrayed by Laura Vandervoort on the series Smallville.
  • She joined Smallville in season 7 as a main character but she left the series after season 7. In season 8 she escaped from the Phantom Zone and was back for one episode. She left the Earth and was looking for Kandor. She also returned in season 10 for two episodes.



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