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  • Sorcery/Magic:: As a demon lord, Karkull possessed vast magical abilities
    • Mystic Bolts: Karkull was able to fire out bolts of green destructive energies. His powers allowed him to even give Superman a deep laceration enough to hurt him (given his vulnerability to magic)
    • Spells: Karkull could enact spells of protection to shield himself from others. Even large structures such as the Daily Planet highrise even from super strong punches and modern energy weapons without penetration.
    • Possession: As a banished demon lord, Karkull occupied other realms by inhabiting the body of whomever cited the incantation to release him. The person would slowly transform until he took on full form.
    • Summoning: Karkull using incantations can summon demons, those that would occupy and transform the hosts of non willing participants. He could open portals capable of bring demon creatures to other planes of existance.
  • Enhanced Strength: Karkull possessed physical strength capable of wrestling with Superman briefly.
  • Enhanced Durability: Karkull is physically durable enough to withstand battle with Superman, even survive having an exploding automobile thrown at him without injury.
  • Flight: Karkull using magic was capable of levitation and flight.


  • The Artifact of Lorta: Not a weakness per se, the artifact was the binding means Karkull was imprisoned in.



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