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Quote1 Feeling the sting of the blade and seeing my own blood is comforting. It lets me know I'm not losing my mind... Quote2
-- Hawkman src

Grief-stricken over the death of Shiera, he tries to rid himself of his Hawkman attire, although the Nth metal fuses itself to him. Carter obtains the ability to store his Hawkman armor beneath his skin and manifest whenever he needs it.

At first, Carter tries to deal with his depression by immersing himself in his work with his friend Emma Ziegler and her father, but when an alien called Morphicius threatens New York City with a plague, Hawkman is forced to return to action.[1]

During their first combat, Morphicius absorb some of Hawkman's Nth Metal, causing him to grow his own Nth Metal armor. However, Morphicius cannot control the Nth Metal properly, forcing him to retreat.[2] To defeat him, Hawkman uncovers Morphicius's spaceship, which reveals Morphicius's origins as a convicted prisoner forced into suspended animation for spreading a plague that destroyed entire civilizations. Hawkman also discovers that Terrance, one of Professor Ziegler's colleagues, liberated Morphicius so that he could deliver him to Dr. Hogarth Kane, a military scientist who sought Morphicius's body to examine it and harness his powers for military purposes.

After interrogating Terrance, Hawkman takes him to the Non-Lethal Alternative Studios, where Kane works and where Morphicius is being held. There, Hawkman fights Askana, Kane's assistant, while Kane escapes. Unfortunately, Terrance had been infected with Morphicius's plague and uses his body to heal Morphicius, who challenges Hawkman to another fight.[3]

Hawkman deduces Morphicius's weakness to cold and uses a tube of liquid nitrogen to freeze him once again. With the help of Waker, a mysterious alien whose race had been destroyed by Morphicius, Hawkman also defeats Kane, leaving him to die on his helicopter.[4]

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