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HelpSpy Smasher
Spy Smasher Kat
Information-silkReal NameKatarina Armstrong
Information-silkCurrent AliasSpy Smasher
Information-silkAffiliationFederal Bureau of Investigation, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Defense, Department of Extranormal Operations, Central Intelligence Agency, NASA, United Nations, Department of Defence (Australia), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, MI:6, Checkmate
Information-silkBase Of OperationsWashington D.C.
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkOccupationUnited States Government Agent
Information-silkHeight5' 11"
Information-silkWeight149 lbs (68 kg)
Information-silkOriginAn intelligent woman, Katarina Armstrong was recruited into the United States government as an agent due to her devotion to her country and any assignment given to her.
Information-silkUniverseNew Earth
Information-silkCreatorsGail Simone
First Appearance

Katarina is a high-ranking anti-terrorism agent who is affiliated with several American, Commonwealth, and United Nations agencies. Her relation to Alan Armstrong has not been revealed, though her secret identity and costume seem clearly inspired by him. She has a domineering demeanor, and is not hesitant to kill or order deaths in order to complete a mission. Having forced Oracle to work for her, she plans to take over the Birds of Prey organization and usurp Oracle's position. Katarina and Oracle were friends in college. [1]At some point prior to Katarina's debut, they became rivals. They both competed in a race, with Katarina beating Barbara by cheating but immediately confessing to the judges after she had won.

Katarina accompanies the Birds on a mission in Russia, and in a conflict with the Secret Six, Katarina finds her equal marksman in Deadshot. Katarina assumes leadership of the Birds from Oracle and fires Lady Blackhawk for dissent. Back at Oracle's base, she is challenged to a fight by Oracle, who then manages to give Katarina a proper beating. She is humiliated when she faces the united front of every single one of Barbara's living former agents. Spy Smasher leaves disgraced after being threatened by Black Canary, but before doing so also gives Oracle information on Misfit's background.

Josephine Tautin had "drop-kicked her down a deep, dark hole. Something she quite enjoyed doing, incidentally." [2] Sasha personally apologised to Barbara for Katarina's actions.


  • Creator Gail Simone said on Katarina, "I felt the DCU needed a Jack Bauer. In these early issues, she looks like a pointed allegory to the abuse of powers by the government, but she doesn’t see it that way, and she’s a lot more complex than that. It’d be a cheat to simply make her evil and completely hate-able, I think. She’s got some levels. And she knows Babs’ weaknesses. I like her. She’s very very dark... Even above [Barbara and Katarina's] competitive natures, there is a perfectly valid and honest ideological difference of opinion there. Babs believes what she’s doing is necessary, Katarina believes what Babs is doing is treason. They actually like each other, but like brothers fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War, the distance between them is so vast and clearly drawn that they can’t even hope to reconcile. They were friends; their ideals make them bitter enemies."


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  1. Birds of Prey #103
  2. It was later mentioned in Checkmate #16 by Sasha Bordeaux.

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