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Kathy was the daughter of Gotham mobster Carlton Duquesne. As a young child, she lost her mother to a bullet which was meant for her father, and she never forgave him for that.

At an art class, she met Sonia Alcana, who introduced her to Rocky Ballantine. Sonia had a plan to get back at Rupert Thorne, and Rocky had a grudge against the the Penguin. They devised the identity "Batwoman", and worked against the three mobsters, who has formed a pact to smuggle illegal arms to Kaznia.

Kathy was caught and unmasked, but managed to survive the final battle. She also dated Bruce Wayne for a while.




  • As Batwoman, she used a special glider designed by Rocky Ballantine.
  • Kathy's name was a deliberate red herring, being similar in pronunciation to Kathy Kane.



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