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Personal History

Kelley Jones never planned a career in comic but began drawing them to finance his college studies. He gained recognition after his works on Sandman, Swamp Thing and Aliens for Dark Horse. He currently resides in California.

Professional History

Kelley Jones is an American comic book artist who worked for DC Comics. He joined in 1990 as a penciler for the Sandman title. He would later go on to do the Elseworlds story Batman and Dracula: Red Rain. He teamed up with Doug Moench and John Beatty to work in the Batman monthly title. This team would go on to create other stories such as Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Dark Joker - The Wild. Other important works include his version of Deadman. In recent years he worked in Batman: Gotham After Midnight and Batman: Unseen He is currently working as an illustrator for Dark Horse.


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