Kemlo Caesar, alias "Hyperdog" is a super-intelligent talking doberman, and a sergeant in the police force known as Top 10 operating out of the city of Neopolis. Hyperdog functions in a man-shaped robotic exoskeleton, which allows him limited super-strength and other abilities. Kemlo is a humorous and kind individual, who has to hide his feelings of inadequacy at being a dog in a human world. Although he quells an objection by Girl One with a claim that he is not attracted to humans, he eventually falls in love with a former prostitute called Neural 'Nette and the two become intimate despite the species difference. Five years after the Ultima incident, Hyperdog and his wife adopt a young Anubis-headed girl named Cynothia Cephali. He eventually replaced Major Cindercott as the head of Precinct 10.


Can talk, and can think at levels above regular human intelligence.


  • Mechanic Exoskeleton



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This character is or was a member of Precinct 10, more affectionately known as the Top 10, the police force in the city of Neopolis. Top 10 is an entirely superhero-composed police force, which it must be to handle the entirely superpowered citizenry of the city it protects. Top 10 exists under the ownership and continuity of ABC, America's Best Comics, an indepent publisher founded by Alan Moore in 1999, but later bought by WildStorm Productions, a subsidiary of DC Comics. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Top 10 members and "Police Officers" category."
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