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Prince Kravik of Kravia was born horribly scarred. When he was only six years old he became the ruler of the small nation. Kravik was a brutal leader who slaughtered thousands of his own citizens. Heinmel Von Cart, the leader of a faction aimed at overthrowing the government, murdered the young prince. He then surgically altered his own son, Kemper, and substituted him for the prince. Now Prime Minister, Heinmel realized his mistake. Perhaps due to the artificial scarring, Kemper became an even worse dictator than the true prince. When Nightwing came to Kravia to investigate the murder of his parents, Kemper was in the process of eliminating all his citizens who he believed to be racially inferior or religious dissidents. Heinmel was saved by Nightwing and escaped with him to America. Heinmel was able to alert the media of his son's actions and prevent the slaughter of Kravia's citizens.


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